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Groups & Gatherings

Groups & Gatherings

Hopefully this information will be helpful to some regular visitors.

I’m often asked where it is possible to find Tantric group workshops and whether I know of any. The answer is that many such facilities and events are advertised and announced via the web. The problem is that they are usually quite expensive, have a fixed time-frame and location that may not be convenient, and often the content gets lost in the promotion.

So I don’t usually have much of a useful answer even though I’ve facilitated and participated in many Tantric group gatherings over time.

What I don’t usually mention – and so this information piece is a break which I hope will be useful to some – is that I have many friends who enjoy getting together with others to explore Tantric ideas, fantasies and personal preferences.

The gatherings settle at around 6 guys or fewer. Participants have had at least 2 Tantric massage experiences and are particularly interested in exploring further Tantric practice and heightened physical and mental awareness.

The gatherings have been very informal and are enjoyed as a discrete and regular opportunity to talk about, understand and safely enjoy a range of feelings and activities that can’t always be comfortably presented in day to day life.

The gatherings have included those with interests in Tantric massage, social sexuality, voyeurism/exhibitionism, cross dressing, BDSM – these are simply some interests that come to mind, but the list of interests and variations is long and covers more than these few headings.

The meetings have simply provided an opportunity to talk about individual interests, answer questions from others and generally share some uninhibited thoughts.

There has been a focus on the relevance of Tantra to these personal preferences and ideas, and for those whose preferences include social nudity, and usually there are some who find that experience comfortable, the gatherings provide an exciting and regular outlet in the company of like-minded others.

While not exactly a ‘tropical Tantric retreat’, these informal and ongoing gatherings have broadened and added to the personal experiences of many. It works because the environment is entirely non-judgmental, non-shockable, curious and open minded.

So, if  you have been thinking about adding a social aspect to your Tantric experiences, just let me know and I’ll fill in a few more details and you can decide if you’d like to participate in any way.

Final thought while on the subject of groups.

I have helped with some Tantric massage guidance/instruction where people wish to take home some techniques etc. To help with this, occasionally I can arrange for two visitors to come for massage at the same time, and to provide the opportunity to watch,  practice and experience some Tantric massage and ritual on another body.

This has often been a byproduct of the gatherings where there has been a strong focus on Tantric massage.

Just call or email if you’d like to ‘retreat’ in either of these ways – groups or shared massage experience.


Tel:         250-984-7051



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