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Heightened Awareness

Heightened Awareness

To invite and experience Tantric Massage can often be an act of courage. Always it is an act of trust.

One true purpose of Tantra is to bring forth energies that lie dormant and to allow those energies to distribute and flow in unique and personal ways.

The effects and experiences are powerful and ‘electric’ and are definitely mind-altering. The Tantric massage experience will raise consciousness and awareness to new levels.

With each experience the journey is unique and there is always the expectation of the unknown, if that is possible.

It is the process of becoming comfortable with, and conscious of, the intensity of the unexplored sensual and sexual possibilities contained in all of us, that is the mission of Tantra.

Exploring these possibilities requires a willingness and ability to open the mind and body unreservedly.

Massage can and should be experienced both passively and actively. In Tantra there is an opportunity to learn how to become conscious of how the pleasure is working on our mind. There is a conditioning in today’s life to believe that there is a division between intellectual consciousness and physical/sexual/sensual consciousness. In experiencing the latter we can shut down the former.

Tantra says that there should be no such ‘firewall’. That sexual and sensual experience, if consciously experienced, is not only enhanced but becomes ever more part of  intellectual consciousness.

These ideas have been the subject of infinite thought throughout all understood civilizations. So this piece makes no claim to match the existing written and intellectual analysis. Simply to explain and to identify some questions that we all have but cannot always find an opportunity to ask.

Tantric practice provides, if nothing else, unusual opportunities to ask and to experience.

Quite soon along the Tantric journey questions arise. The intense arousal and energy has been experienced and the desire is seeded to wish to repeat and enhance intensity. How to do that is the fundamental question. How does it all work?

I’m able to refer to various Tantric practices and opportunities including consciousness raising massage, Tantric ritual, Tantric workshops, meditation, yoga, erotic visualization, group awareness, sacred intimate experiences, etc.

Mentioning these possibilities raises other questions. How does one find these experiences and resources and which ones will work best for any particular individual.

The truth is that whatever mode of stimulation has been useful at any time is the correct mode. It’s logical to proceed from there.

Tantra is about the distribution and use of physical and mental energy in sexual and sensual forms.

Tantra encourages an individual to experience and become consciously aware of their physical being.

Massage is often the beginning of Tantric practice because it provides an entirely legitimate reason to receive and explore touch.

This is always a great sensual experience and a fine beginning but the likelihood is that it’s a passive experience. To move further along the Tantric path there is much enhancement to be found in becoming actively conscious of how the body and mind are processing and enjoying.

A little further along the Tantric path a Tantric experience may suggest how sexual and sensual energy can be moved into the conscious mind.

Ceremony and ritual often feature at this stage but to move too quickly can take things beyond a comfort zone.

A quiet intermediate introduction stage can be very helpful, prior to ritual and group experiences.

This is the time to find the physical self. Generally we know ourselves as a private image. We present the image that we believe matches the circumstance. If we go to a dinner party we may dress elaborately. If we work out we dress in ways that we believe comfortably match the environment. While these choices may be entirely correct they are, nonetheless, private choices and incomplete, and the image of how we appear is our private image – an image in our head. How we may be perceived by others is not always accurately known to us.

In Tantra it’s necessary to make the ‘private’ image, ‘public’. That is to say that we want to become conscious of the actuality of our complete physical being and the possibilities that we normally keep private or buried.

Tantric practice is ordered to be sexually and sensually centered. The intermediate introduction aims to overcome this often difficult stage of personal revelation.

So, where the desire is to supplement the massage experience with Tantric practice please never hesitate to ask how best to move along the Tantric path. There are experiences to be had and enjoyed that combine well with the energy that Tantric massage produces.


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