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What to expect? – Just call ahead

Every massage experience is unique. Regardless of whether it’s a first time visit or one of many. Always it will be a voyage of physical discovery.

Often many questions will be buzzing in the head and sometimes butterflies fluttering in the stomach. I’m ready to answer any questions that I can, prior to any appointment – just call ahead.

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Extended Massage & Exchanging Places

Extended Massage & Exchanging Places

Tantric massage, ideally, is a slow process of consciousness-raising and mindful distribution of energy. It’s not goal oriented, other than to bring peace and relaxation to the mind and body, and the experience is always individual and unique.

Unfortunately, often in today’s rush, we try to condense impossible levels of experience into very short time frames.

Over time I’ve held fast to the idea that any massage, shorter or longer, is best experienced properly or postponed to a time when the experience will not be undermined by time constraints.

This is sometimes disappointing to those who only have limited time available but the massage experience is not well served if rushed.

It’s become clear that 1.5 – 2.5 hours allows enough time to enjoy the physical and mental relaxations that Tantric massage can provide, outside of workshops and Tantric tuition.

But I’m never watching the clock. Some can find everything they desire within an hour or two and others are able to enjoy the experience in a time frame toward 3 hours.

I make no distinctions and will always allow things to flow naturally, however long the visit is running. The length of the session does not require digging deeper. The  massage experience is for however long the energy can be enjoyed. It’s that simple.

And on that note it seems timely to mention one of the requests that often extends sessions.

Quite frequently visitors for massage also enjoy the chance to change places and try their hand at massage, themselves.

So it’s not uncommon, within the session, for a visitor to change places for a time, and deliver themselves the very energy of touch that they’ve been receiving.

Such role reversal can positively change the pace and dynamic of the session as well as often opening up a very different and more complete picture of the opportunities of Tantric massage.

If you’ve the time, energy and curiosity to wish to both receive and give during your massage, by all means make the request and we’ll change places as part of your experience.

My thanks, as always, to all who have found times shorter and longer, to visit, and who have continued to explore possibilities.


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Outcall Massage & A Birthday Party

There are occasions where an outcall visit can add to a special event, and I thought it worth describing such an event. It was to celebrate a birthday!

This was unusual in some ways but did remind of the Tantric possibilities of gathering a small group of people together.

Often it’s fun to invite a few people together at the same time. The presence of a small group will provide a different energy from that in individual sessions.

What follows is a more detailed description of the ‘birthday outcall’. I was happy to be part of the evening.

Just email or telephone with any questions.


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Birthday Massage

I was recently invited to be part of a small birthday celebration at the home of some friends of mine.

It was the birthday of a friend of theirs and they wanted to organize a memorable, but ‘civilized’, party.

My friends have been Tantric visitors for a few years and I’ve known them through Tantra and various art gatherings, exhibitions etc. I wrote previously about a recent Performance Art gathering held at their place last year.

I thought a description of what they arranged for their friend was worth a few words since it was so carefully planned and worked so well. It also allowed me to describe some outcall possibilities.

Really the concept was quite simple. They invited their birthday friend (he’s unattached) and 2 other m/f couples, for a surprise birthday dinner. That made a party of seven. My friends are a same sex couple.

The surprise for the ‘birthday guest’ was to be that everybody would receive a massage throughout the evening – if they chose. I was invited to provide the massages.

What made the plan particularly interesting, and provided the ‘performance art’ aspect, was that the massage table was set up in the dining room. So while the others were eating, the guest receiving massage could be watched from the dining table.

My friends saw this not only as a birthday gift of Tantric massage, but also as performance art.

Initially the massage table was draped and disguised. When everybody was seated for dinner, and comfortable – there had been drinks etc. before sitting down – the hosts uncovered the massage table and announced the evening’s ‘birthday present’.

I had no doubt that the plan would be well received – all guests were on the same page. I did wonder how the logistics would work, however.

The initial surprise announcement was greeted with appreciation, laughter and enormous positive energy.

We were told that the order of massage would be random. Cards would be dealt to each person prior to each massage. The highest card would be the next massage.

Massages would last around 20 mins. and would be called with 10 minute breaks between people. Fresh sheets for each.

Then some of the obvious questions arose. The random playing card routine handled who would be first, but then questions about what to wear/not to wear/how intimate/oil etc. – all were asked.

Our hosts said that all that was necessary was for everyone to enjoy themselves within their own comfort level – obviously it was equally acceptable to take a pass and just watch.

My instruction was to massage entirely according to the wishes of the guest. Our hosts and the table would ensure that the guest was heard and understood.

The dress for the evening was smart/casual. The group comprised of very open minded people, of course, but it can never be assumed that all sizes always fit everybody, whatever the past experiences.

In this case everybody seemed totally into the activity.

So, as the party talked and decided I prepared the table, with a side table for oil, towels etc.

The cards were dealt for the first time, and turned up. The highest belonged to one of the partnered guys.

Our hosts had set a Chinese screen for changing and with the encouragement of all, especially his partner, the first ‘victim’ retired behind the screen to undress.

I knew there were towels behind the screen and the guest emerged from the screen, wearing one of them around his waist, to much applause.

He looked to be a fit guy. Mid 40’s, I guess. Nice guy.

He climbed onto the table, face down. Our hosts asked if he wanted to keep the towel on and of course the group encouraged him to discard it. That was his choice so I removed it.

I started the massage of his back immediately as the party enjoyed their meal and enjoyed the visual of the massage. I checked if it was OK to use oil. It was. The time allowed around 10 minutes work on each side.

Now the time came for him to turn over. Again the question – did he want a towel? Hoots of laughter from the table encouraging no towel! I whispered in his ear, checking his preference. Likely the diners had swallowed more wine at this stage.

The energy in the room was certainly erotic, so the towel was not required by him or the party!

The turn over revealed that he was clearly enjoying the time and he was cheered by the ‘audience’. I massaged his front for another 10 minutes or so, figuring that his partner or others could continue the massage themselves, at a later time, if that was the plan.

The front massage was over soon enough – too soon, probably for the guest – and he rolled off the table, standing to take a mock bow.

Our host then asked him whether he wanted to get dressed again or just recover the towel. I knew whatever he decided would set the precedent for the evening.

His partner called out that he should remain as he was – naked and well oiled. That received the support of the table, so I handed him the towel and he resumed his seat, a nude male at a table of smartly dressed diners. Performance art takes many forms.

New cards were dealt and this time the high card was the ‘birthday’ guest.  The timing seemed entirely appropriate.

I won’t describe the process again. I took a similar approach, as did he. We all sang happy birthday when he turned over. As with the previous guest, he didn’t recover his clothes, so the table now included two naked male guests.

The next card dealing only included the remaining five guests, of course. The high card fell to the female partner of the guy who hadn’t yet had a massage.

She was a fit looking blond wearing an informal short evening dress, matching shoes and bare legs.

Tantric massage is approached with respect and with a practical neutrality regarding gender. The experience can and should contain energy and potential, with proper regard for the wishes and preferences of any person as an individual.

Our host checked carefully that this was within the lady’s comfort level. Also that the consumption of wine wasn’t getting the better of anybody!

She reassured everybody that this was exactly where she wanted to be and emerged from her seat at the table. She didn’t bother with a trip behind the screen and simply slipped off her shoes and dress. There wasn’t anything else to remove. Much applause from the diners.

She climbed onto the massage table and I spent 10 mins. massaging her back. Then turn over time came. I whispered in her ear, asking if she wanted draping.

The reply was a very clear “no”, and she flipped over immediately. As with the previous massages I massaged her front, not avoiding any areas and not seeking to over stimulate. By the end of the massage she was as happy as her two previous companion diners.

On leaving the massage table she said she no longer has use for her dress that evening and joined the others at the table.

It happened that the next high card was also the remaining female guest and she followed the same easy pattern as the previous guest.

The remaining guests for massage were the guys, of course, and at the end the energy in the room by now was ‘electric’. I’d say that the ‘performance’ element had been well received!

Our hosts had taken pictures, with the permission of everybody, throughout the evening, and the final pictures, which featured the final guy, still dressed, at the table between six, now naked, people, made an interesting comparison with the first guy to be massaged, sitting naked among six clothed people.

Personally I’d enjoyed the experience. It was a long evening but the energy was so positive there was little time to have any thoughts of fatigue.

I’ve seen the pictures that were taken. I think they will be used in an exhibition in due course.

I’ve also been told that the guest of honour found this to be his best birthday present, ever!

I recount this to explain how Tantric approaches and experiences can be used to raise energy and heighten awareness in many situations. This was an event that wasn’t difficult to imagine or organize but led to an unforgettable experience for all present.

I’ve left out my own thinking throughout the evening. Email if you’re interested in my experience of the reactions of the guests, how I was asked to participate and appear, and how it affected me – or even if you have a birthday or any other celebration, coming up!!


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