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Julia’s Conversations

After posting the description of the massage session ‘Happy Ending’ I immediately heard from Julia who sent me her updated information.

She asked whether I would include some of it here. She’s active with a conversation service which seems such a good outlet and idea.

If you wish to be in contact with her just use her email as she describes.

Feel welcome to check with me if you have any questions.




I’m Julia. I’m the Spa therapist in the ‘Happy Ending’ posting in this blog about massage.

That visit happened awhile ago before I moved on from the Hotel Spa, although I still hang out with Stephen and friends.

I’m working independently as a therapist now and Colin, of this blog, said that he would post this ‘Advert’ for me.

I really enjoy my work and also talking to my clients and sharing their experiences and desires.

This year I started a service to exchange emails and have written conversations in real time, with them.

It’s a chance for a person to speak their thoughts and experiences safely and anonymously and get some empathy, support and feedback from somebody who has experience of the personal and erotic side of life. The ‘Happy Ending’ description on this blog will begin to tell about me so you’ll understand, already, something about me.

If you’d like to learn more about having conversations with me just email me:

I’ll reply with more details and answers to any questions you have.

Your Spa friend,





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