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Breathing in a Safe Space

We’re headed for times of opportunity, again, after the necessary restrictions of the past 2 years.

Happily the door is now, again, open to visits – always observing the best advised caution.

With care, and consciousness to do everything to reduce the likelihood of new infections, this can be a time to enjoy the R&R that has been missing for the past couple of years.

All here has remained careful and safe so if you are beginning to feel Spring in your step, and looking for a safe return to human energies, then your call or email to visit will continue to always be welcome.




Comments on: "Breathing in a Safe Space" (1)

  1. Kurt Mar said:

    Hi Colin

    Not sure if you remember me but it’s nice to get ur email and with COVID at a more controllable state hood to see your back up and operating. I’ll have to try to find sometime to come by again.

    Kurt Sent from my iPhone


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