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Foot Massage Gathering

Your email is so kind, Robert. It was such an easy and low-key gathering. Everybody had fun and has asked that we repeat soon. The important thing in all such gatherings is that we are able to relax and enjoy without the pressure of complicated expectations. That the energy can develop slowly and comfortably.
In offering the simple opportunity to enjoy the sensuality and relaxation of foot massage, doors are opened even more widely to explore so much more of ourselves.
The communal foot bath and massage that Robert describes was very much a catalyst that enabled the opportunity to share so many thoughts and imaginings with others who share common energies.
Although in this event we all enjoyed the foot massage exchange it would have been equally pleasurable to simply experience and absorb the energy of the gathering without participating in the massage.
I will continue to arrange groups and gatherings and there will be other themes that can provide similar opportunities for communal touch and exchange.
If you have any thoughts about group approaches please feel so welcome to send an email and describe what you have in mind so that others might enjoy with you.
Telephone:     250-984-7051


From: Robert . <ro…>
Sent: Saturday, January 25, 2020 3:09 PM
To: Colin . <>
Subject: Foot massage group

Hey Colin, I’ve just got to thank you for arranging the group visit this week. It was such a friendly and personal experience. I found the 2 other guys and me had so much in common. We all knew you individually but I do think you put in much care to make it a perfect group.
The idea to make the event around exchanging foot massage worked so well. and was so non-threatening. There was something so comfortable and sensual about exchanging touch in this way. Outside the weather was so bad so arriving to meet you and the others in a friendly and familiar place was such a contrast to things outside. And to feel comfortable just taking off my shoes and socks and my wet jeans and warming my feet and getting such casual and beautiful touch, and immediate welcome from new acquaintances was just what I needed.
Although I was the last to arrive I felt immediately welcome and completely comfortable even though the others were already well settled.
This gathering has opened a whole new level of excitement for me. Without getting into detail, as you know we all found a new dimension to massage touch and not just to our feet. It was such fun to sit around so comfortably and share so much.
I hope you can make this happen again soon and that you’ll invite me again. I’m still dreaming.
Go ahead and add this to your blog and I hope others can enjoy the same energy.

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