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More… ‘Dinner with Stephen’

MassageOilDinner with Stephen – continued

Too long ago I received long and descriptive accounts of the experiences of a man who had been able to explore his sexuality with the help of a new-found neighbor. He met his neighbor, Stephen, when he had recently moved into an apartment in the Toronto area.

I posted the accounts on this site some time ago. After posting he sent me descriptions of further encounters which I set aside for later inclusion. Although much delayed, and after a recent reminder, I have finally managed to return to what has been sitting in my inbox for a long time.

If you’ve missed the previous posts and contexts, they appear later in this site. In the meantime here’s the much delayed continuation. The account is long. The original was even longer!! I’ve ended this description approx. at the halfway point. He describes his meeting and the massage evening with Stephen’s male colleague, Jeffery, and female assistant, Julia.

Later – to be posted soon – he describes the massage experience and some of the Tantric energies and practices that combined with it. His descriptions are fun to read and it does remind that there are so many exciting and healthful benefits to the many and varied aspects of Tantric practice.

Here’s the account of the first part of his evening.



‘……………She said this felt good and from my view I watched Stephen’s cock and balls as he stood above us. The shampoo ended and Stephen slid back into the tub and Susan slid under the water, turning it soapy with the shampoo. Both Stephen and I could feel her sliding around between us and then she reappeared.

And there we sat, chest deep in soapy water.

We sat in this liquid silence for what seemed an eternity. But this wasn’t an awkward silence. It was a silence of perfect communication. There seemed to be a feeling of complete connectedness and of a trust only possible through the common physical experiences that we’d risked throughout the evening.

We stayed on into the early hours, enjoying our newly discovered comfort.

The time did end, of course, and reluctantly I dragged myself down the hallway to my own apartment. But the connections that we’d made were particularly strong and we all knew that this was not to be a ‘one night stand’.

This would not be our only encounter”………….’

close-breastsMy visits with Stephen had been nothing, if not intense. From his welcoming visit when I first moved in to the dinner down the hallway at his apartment, we had shared the most intimate of times even though we were initially strangers to each other.

After the dinner, where I was unexpectedly introduced to his friend, Susan, there was no longer any way that we could be described as ‘strangers’. I had experienced the most erotic and personal encounter of my life and could live happily ever after just on the memory, alone.

As Stephen and Susan had implied, the dinner experience was not to be a ‘one night stand’.

After that dinner, the next day as I left for work, I slipped a note of thanks under Stephen’s door, inviting him and Susan to dinner at my place in the near future.

I didn’t have to wait long for a reply. When I returned from work that evening I discovered a note from Stephen saying that he would love to visit. He said that Susan had called him to say that she’d had a wonderful time with both of us and looked forward to meeting up again when she returned from a month long business trip. So the next visit with Stephen would not include Susan, it seemed.

I called Stephen on his cell later that evening and invited him over at the weekend. The energy of the dinner encounter was still burning in me and I didn’t want to let too much time pass. To my relief Stephen said that he was free on the Saturday. He said he hoped that I wouldn’t mind but he had a couple of friends who would love to join us if I didn’t mind adding to the invite. He would explain more on Saturday and not to do anything elaborate for food. Just snacks and drinks would be fine. So we were set.

I cleaned up the living room and laid out a selection of snacks and bottles and at around 5.00 p.m. on Saturday Stephen knocked on my door. It had only been a week since I’d seen him and despite the fact that we’d enjoyed a seeming lifetime of intimacy in the very few weeks since we first met, I still felt a little nervous in his company. Maybe it was his self confidence or his knowing smile. I felt supremely comfortable in his company and also more than a little willing to follow wherever he led me. In other words my feelings were pleasantly mixed.

Anyway he entered as soon as I opened the door and gave me a lingering hug. Kicking off his shoes, he apologized for not bringing a gift and said that he assumed I would have as much as we needed and he hadn’t wanted to go to the store. I found myself thanking him for thinking of not buying anything. We noticed the absurdity of my thanks for nothing at the same time and that connection once again broke the ice.

We made our way into the living room and sat together on the couch.

discoveryA big part of our connection initially had been our shared interest in communal nudity and it had been my disclosure of my battles with self consciousness that had initially connected us. On Stephen’s first visit I’d shown him my rather unique personal tattoos and we’d moved ahead from there.

In anticipation of this evening I’d been thinking how to respect and continue our shared interest without seeming too forward. I was anticipating hearing about the guests he’d invited and thought I should wait for Stephen’s guidance before approaching the subject of whether we would be dining nude. At the same time I wanted to show him that I had been working on improving my personal comfort level with my tendency for self consciousness.

My compromise was to wear some old jeans – clean but ragged – and a casual shirt which was missing a few buttons. I hadn’t bothered with underwear or socks. I thought the appearance casual and appropriate, reflecting a willingness to show something of myself without being coy or entirely undressed.

Stephen was wearing a sports shirt and slacks. He’d removed his sneakers at the door and, as ever, hadn’t bothered with socks. Otherwise he certainly looked more smartly dressed and covered than me.

He put my mind at rest, joking and congratulating me on my open shirt and revealing rips on my jeans. The rips weren’t too strategic and one tear had expanded, during the wash cycle, around the top of my thigh, which would have revealed my underwear, had I been wearing any. I realized that in certain positions I would be quite exposed, particularly if aroused. This thought immediately created a condition of arousal!! And I shifted on the couch, for some reason seeking to hide my erection from Stephen. He saw my discomfort and commented with a smile, that he thought we could admit to being mutual voyeurs and exhibitionists by now. Of course I couldn’t disagree and adjusted my position to something more comfortable, albeit more revealing.

As we munched on cheese and chips Stephen told me about his guests, due to arrive later. Stephen works at a local hotel. He is friendly with the spa manage, Jeffery, it turned out. One of the perks of Stephen’s job is a membership of the gym, use of the spa and pool and the occasional massage when time permits.

He said that while spa massage etiquette is very strict – Jeffery is a professional personal trainer and masseur – in his off-duty time he likes to experiment with more ‘inventive or complete’ techniques. Stephen said also that Jeffery was training a new therapist – Julia. Jeffery wanted an opportunity to share with Julia some techniques and approaches that normally weren’t part of the spa’s menu.

Stephen had told Jeffery something of our shared interest in social nudity and suggested that Jeffery bring over his portable massage table to my place one evening and offer some ‘off the clock’ massage training to Julia. In exchange for my hospitality I would get a massage and meet some new friends. That was Stephen’s idea and he thought it unlikely that I would object. He said Jeffery would fill in more detail later. Was I OK with this?

I said that I sounded fine with me. If there was any problem we’d be able to discuss it with Jeffery later.

Stephen said that we could make room for the table set up before they arrived so we moved the coffee table and chairs so that there was room for the massage table to be set up.

chest-soakShortly after moving the furniture Jeffery and Julia buzzed the entrance intercom and made their way up to my apartment. I opened the front door and Stephen stepped into the hallway to direct them to my suite. Jeffery was carrying his folded table – looked like a large suitcase followed by Julia carrying a sports bag.

We showed them into the apartment and through to the living room and made the introductions. Jeffery was very much a ‘people person’. Quite athletic in appearance. Not tall. Late thirties. Blond hair and a comfortable face. He was wearing a blue tracksuit outfit with the logo of the hotel. Julia was possibly in her mid twenties. Brown long hair and also seemingly quite athletic. Also wearing the hotel tracksuit.

I invited them to sit down and then realized we’d moved all the furniture. So we moved the chairs and table back and laid out the snacks again, explaining that we wanted to make room for the massage table. This all broke the ice and we got to talking.

Jeffery repeated what Stephen had described, but in more detail. He said that while he enjoyed his job at the spa, where he’d been for some years, there were aspects of policy that didn’t always match with client expectations. In Julia’s training he wanted to show her how to comfortably deal with non-policy situations and what to expect etc. He’d be more specific, later. He also said that he shared Stephen’s interest in social nudity and shared sensual experience, and he understood that I also shared that interest. I said that he was correct and that Stephen had done much to improve my comfort levels in the short time that we’d known each other.

He invited Julia’s thoughts after his brief introduction. She said that she’d worked as a gym manager in another city. She’d left the position after wanting a significant change of scene and city. I suspected it might have something to do with a personal relationship situation and of course we didn’t want to ask for further explanation. She said that she was enjoying her time with the hotel and that she had found much in common with Jeffery’s outlook. She said that she also shared our comfort with social nudity and was very comfortable with all expressions of sexuality and orientation. She was looking forward to the evening and thanked me for inviting everybody.

Jeffery went on to say that his plan was to set up the table and if I was agreeable they would use me as a massage model so that he could demonstrate to Julia some of the techniques that he couldn’t present at the spa but that would be useful to her in her career. Also he said that he enjoyed practicing some techniques that weren’t available at the spa. The massage and touch could be more intimate and complete at times and he hoped that was OK with me.

I reassured him that it sounded fine and Stephen joked that I owed him something, now. Jeffery said that we would likely switch at some point so that Stephen could enjoy some table time as well.

All this sounded good and Jeffery suggested that we set up the table so we moved the furniture yet again. The table easily unfolded and Julia produced some sheets and oils etc. from her sports bag. Soon we were all set.

helping-handNow I began to feel the familiar nerves at the prospect of getting naked around others. I’d experienced the same thing when Stephen had first visited and then again initially at the dinner. Of course I’d become comfortable quite quickly but still I had to tell myself again that this wasn’t the time to be too self conscious.

Stephen quickly spotted my hesitation and immediately blew my cover. He joked that he’d discovered that I was a ‘slow starter’ when it came to undressing.

Before I could admit or deny, Jeffery said that it was entirely OK if I’d like them to use a sheet to cover me. They could just expose the parts that they were massaging. I quickly said that wouldn’t be necessary and I was inwardly kicking myself for falling again into the same hesitations.

Of course Stephen was enjoying his usual mischievous sense of humor and Jeffery saw that. I guess he’d learned Stephen’s personality in the course of their work at the hotel.

So Jeffery rescued me, asking if he and Julia could get ready now to begin the massage. I said that I was ready whenever they were. Jeffery said  that given our common interest and comfort with social nudity he’d be quite comfortable leading the massage naked if that was something we could all enjoy. I began to feel that I had unintentionally raised a non-existent issue and took the opportunity to say that I thought that would be a great idea.

With that Jeffery unzipped his tracksuit top, took it off and removed the singlet that he was wearing underneath. He was a good looking guy by any standard. Not overly developed but in good shape, reflecting his occupation. He bent down to remove his socks – he’d removed his sneakers when he arrived – and stepped out of his track suit pants. All that remained were his briefs and as he stood there I realized these weren’t the usual jockeys but were actually closer to female panties.

I didn’t get the impression this was a surprise to Stephen or Julia but clearly my gaze lingered longer than theirs. Jeffery was completely unfazed and said that he had always enjoyed the experience of some elements of cross dressing. He said it was his little harmless secret. That Stephen had told him of my tattoos which might be an equivalent sort of secret. That he was looking forward to seeing them for himself.

The panties barely contained his genitals and the outline of his cock showed that he was quite aroused.

Without much further delay he took off the panties revealing his fully erect cock. I always experience an incredible energy surge in these situations and this was no different. Jeffery looked like everybody’s dream for a personal trainer. His body was lean and smooth and his shaved genital region made his arousal looked so inviting. My own erection seemed to be struggling to fight its way out via the rip in my jeans.

shadowOf course Jeffery saw the effect he was having and said that he’d been looking forward to this evening and he hoped that it was OK to share this energy as openly as Stephen had suggested we could. As usual I burbled something about also looking forward to enjoying the time.  Jeffery said that he always wished the hotel spa would allow nudity in its facility but the rules were very strict.

He said that in massage situations and in the sauna people often became aroused and it was often tempting to assist them to enjoy the sexual energy. However, while never making them feel awkward he said that he used techniques to try to help them refocus. He wanted to show Julia some of these techniques so that she would be able to always be comfortable helping guests stay within the hotel spa rules. That was another reason why this evening would be interesting.

As he spoke his erection subsided but the charged energy in the room certainly remained.

Stephen and Julia had remained quiet during Jeffery’s undressing and comments. When he ended he turned to Julia and invited her thoughts pointing out to Stephen and me that they had been enjoying a good working relationship now, for a few months and had shared plenty of personal secrets including his cross dressing secret. He said that actually Julia had lent him the panties for tonight.

Julia nodded and joked that it seemed like he wouldn’t be needing them again at the moment. She said that this was also an exciting evening for her. Jeffery had described some of the ways that she could handle massage spa clients who were hoping for touch that the hotel didn’t permit. She said that it was quite a common situation and that there were ways to work around the issue while keeping the client friendly and wanting to return. She thanked me for volunteering to be a subject that she could practice on and she thanked Jeffery for being an understanding, if unconventional boss. She added that it was even more fun to be able to enjoy the practice, naked. With that she unzipped and discarded the tracksuit top revealing a black sports bra. As Jeffery had, she’d taken off her sneakers at the door so only had to remove her socks and drop the tracksuit pants. She looked a model of fitness, the sports bra matching the black bikini panties that she was wearing.

Again I was struggling to contain myself. Jeffery’s naked form was sufficiently stimulating, of course, and I could certainly experience the additional energy that Julia was contributing. Quickly enough Julia unhooked her bra and slipped off the briefs. Now naked, she was a great match for Jeffery. Clearly they were a credit to any sports spa. Julia was as well toned as Jeffery. Her breasts didn’t really need the support of any bra. I’d told Stephen previously that I’ve always had a fascination with breasts, both male and female and I noticed him smiling at me as Julia revealed herself. Julia’s breasts and nipples seemed like magnets to my eyes at the time.

Her entire body was perfectly proportioned and on the petite side. Like Jeffery – and Stephen and me, actually – her pubic area was shaved. I noticed that her labia were particularly visible and the energy seemed to say that she was very comfortable and happy with her body.

So that completed the disrobing of my guests and Stephen, who had remained uncharacteristically quiet, observed that maybe we were being a little slow in getting naked. That he had told Jeffery and Julia about my tattoos and he was sure they wanted to see them. Julia echoed this and said now was my time to ‘reveal all’.

discoveryI was still very much aroused and a little nervous but now was the time and I dropped my jeans and discarded the shirt almost in one movement. My cock popped up immediately and I absorbed the energy of the visual exploration of my now naked form. I was a little conscious that I could easily afford to lose a few pounds, comparing myself to the lean and athletic forms of Jeffery and Julia. The tattoo on my upper thigh was now clearly visible as was the unnamed creature tattooed on my chest, who spent his life gazing at my nipple.

 It was Julia who spoke, saying that she was looking forward to stroking these creatures in the massage. She looked at my erect penis. I knew that I was leaking at the tip and Julia wasn’t shy in noticing and commenting. She said that it was always gratifying to see evidence of appreciation. ‘Keep it up’ she said with a smile.

Stephen told her that she should look on my reverse side – the picture tattoo on my butt cheek. She and Jeffery moved behind me to take a look. Jeffery said that this had to be a uniquely artistic creation.

My erection was still maintaining as they came back to face me and I saw Stephen undressing behind them. As ever he looked a picture of comfort, his own arousal clear for us all to appreciate.

I was reminded a little of the energy that I’d experienced at dinner the previous week at Stephen’s when Susan had been with us. Julia’s energy seemed not unlike Susan’s although Susan is very much a ladies lady.

It also reminded me that since meeting Stephen I had been unbelievably fortunate in becoming part of a social lifestyle that enabled me to spend time with wonderful people who enjoyed being naked and open about their sexuality.

stimulateJeffery said it was now time to ‘get to work’ and that I should get onto the table. I climbed on, face down, adjusting my still erect cock between the table and my belly. I could feel the leaked pre-cum against my skin and tried to distract myself to avoid any premature ejaculation. It wasn’t going to be easy and I realized that Jeffery’s purpose was very much to assist Julia in learning techniques that would assist with these energies. I began to feel that I was also going to gain much benefit from Jeffery’s instruction to Julia. 

To be continued……………..


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Stephen’s Visit

“The weather was so nice in the week and late on Wednesday afternoon  I was unpacking a box of small things after my recent move to this apartment. I’m in one of the high rise apartment buildings in town, with a fantastic view of the city from my balcony. It gets the afternoon sun so I’d been sitting out between unpacking.

There was a knock at the door, which I didn’t expect. I hadn’t had any visitors and the building managers use the buzzer. Visitors can’t get into the building without being buzzed in by the occupant. So this was unusual.

I was only wearing some old shorts  so I grabbed a shirt quickly and opened the door to a guy who said he lived down the hall and wanted to introduce himself after seeing me around while I’ve been moving in.

I told him I wasn’t really set up for visitors but he could come in if he liked. Of course he did and he had a bottle of white wine with him, which he gave me, saying it was a welcoming gift. I thought this was really nice of him although I don’t drink much wine. He flipped off his sneakers and the only other thing I particularly noticed apart from the wine was that he wore a toe ring. Anyway I took him through and we sat in the living room and chatted about my boxes, moving and unpacking etc. He told me that his name was Stephen.

I opened the wine and explained that I only had some mugs to drink from, not yet having fixed the kitchen completely.

Normally they don’t show but I have a few small tattoos which I’ve collected over the years. One is the head of a small rodent-like creature, just below my left nipple. It’s quite colourful and is around 4 cm. square. It started off as a Canadian beaver but morphed into something more vague. It seems to be smiling up at me.

Because I hadn’t buttoned the shirt in my rush to answer the door the tattoo showed occasionally and it didn’t take long for Stephen to notice the flashes of tattoo. He made a remark that it was an unusual tattoo and as usual I started to feel slightly self-conscious.

Over the years I’ve had some body image issues. There’s nothing particularly unusual about my appearance. I’m quite average really and ‘in the prime of life’ – reasonably fit etc. I’ve just had some shyness over revealing too much skin. After talking about this with a professional counselor on one occasion and a Tantric Guide on another occasion, the advice was the same –  to learn to welcome the attention instead of covering up and getting nervous. 

To help with this problem I started to do activities that required some skin exposure such as yoga, swimming etc. As I’ve progressed in these activities I’ve also found that I can enjoy male company and male bodies as much as females, if not more. I don’t think that I’m 100% gay but I know I can be turned on by either sex when the setting is right.

Actually, it’s been a few years since this question first occupied me and that’s what led me to Tantra. I went to a couple of retreats and bodywork workshops for men and those helped me to overcome some of my nervousness.

Anyway I’m getting distracted from my story. When Stephen asked about the tattoo, as usual I took a breath, thanked him for noticing and told him that I got it a few years ago when I was going through a phase in life and that I’d also had a couple of other tattoos done around the same time. I told him I had them done in discreet places as my secret with myself but that the ‘beaver’ was definitely the most visible!

I thought maybe we’d move on to another topic but Stephen insisted on knowing about the other tattoos. I hadn’t told him about my ‘body issues’ of the past and I started to look for an excuse not to get into the tattoo thing. I suspect I’m not completely cured! In Tantric groups and bodywork classes/massages I’ve got used to the odd question and in the showers at the pool and gym it’s unlikely that a total stranger would say anything while I seem to be minding my own business.

The setting with Stephen was different. I didn’t want to appear unfriendly or as if I felt I had anything to hide and I was desperately trying to find a way out. I remembered that my Tantric friends have shown me that the most relaxed way to be is to seek the open path when possible, even at the cost of some temporary embarrassment.

So finding no credible alternative I told Stephen that I had another tattoo, high up on the top front of my right thigh, of a giraffe neck and head looking inward. It’s about 8 cm tall so can’t usually be seen unless I’m not wearing shorts. The other Tattoo is on the left side of my butt, close to the crack and is a small tattoo of the Mona Lisa, of all things. It’s supposed to seem like she’s smiling to be close to my crack!

Of course Stephen showed great interest and asked to see. He’s a nice guy with a gently persuasive style but somehow the conversation and visit was beginning to focus on my tattoos and how I felt about them. Maybe the effect of the wine was slowing my thinking but the conversation wouldn’t move from tattoos, body images etc.

Eventually Stephen seemed to detect that I was trying everything to avoid showing him the other tattoos and asked me why I was trying to avoid showing what he thought should be seen. He said this in the most inoffensive way, of course!

I told him again that I’d have to drop my shorts for him to see and that he’d also be looking at my genitals at the front and more than he might like to see of my rear end.

He said that this would likely double the interest and that I’d hardly catch cold since the weather was so warm.

Anyway I arose from the couch and took off my shorts in front of him. I was still wearing the open shirt. He remained sitting on the other couch to look at the giraffe on my thigh.

It doesn’t take too long to look at this image and the longer I stood there the more my mind seemed to wander. To be honest I started to realize that Stephen was a good looking guy and that was enough for me to begin to start an erection. I tried to cover with my hand which only made things more obvious.

With a broad grin Stephen said that the giraffe seemed to have found the right branch and he wouldn’t mind being a giraffe. This remark settled some of my embarrassment. His request to see the Mona Lisa followed and, of course I turned around and showed him.

The way the picture is drawn, to see it all it’s necessary to pull apart my butt cheeks a little because it seems to be sliding between them. Stephen could obviously see this feature and to his credit he didn’t ask to ‘stretch’ things. Pulling up my shorts, I sat down – ending the ‘viewing’ with mixed but glowing feelings!

There now seemed to be a natural break in the conversation and I busily poured some more wine into our mugs and asked Stephen what he did for a living. He said he worked at a big hotel and that this was a day off for him. Somehow his appearance and easy style seemed a perfect fit for what I imagined his job to be. He asked what I did and I said I’d just taken up a job at a local university campus.

I’m not very skilled at small talk and scanning around for something to say I commented on his toe ring. Immediately I realized this would lead back to things physical and I think I must have subconsciously been looking to go there again but consciously I was cursing myself.

Stephen said that it was a ring that a friend had given him and he couldn’t find a comfortable fit on any finger but it fitted one of his toes so that’s where he put it.

It seemed to me it might be a bit uncomfortable. He said it wasn’t but that it was like me with the tattoos – a little secret with himself. He didn’t have to be barefoot that often, so people don’t see it. Going on he said that mostly he was barefoot in his apartment and since he’d only come down the hall he just put on sneakers and removed them as a courtesy.

I thanked him for that and said I was the same except for the toe ring. Then he commented that it was amazing how much people hid, even from themselves, and that he saw a lot of this aspect of human behaviour in his job.

I told him then that I’d struggled with some similar issues of shyness and lack of confidence and that is partly why I got the tattoos – to force me to communicate more – and that had taken me to activities, groups and friendships that I realized I wouldn’t have otherwise had. Even with these efforts I still found myself a little inhibited.

Then Stephen said that he thought I must be an A student because it would be a challenge for anyone to open themselves up to a stranger in this way, just at a request to see a tattoo. Not that he could see anything wrong. he added. He said he admired the trust I had in him and the confidence I had in myself, especially since I obviously found the exposure ‘exciting’. And he smiled in a wicked sort of way.

I thanked him for his compliments and lied that I’d become more confident to be free to be naked when in the company of others. Actually the truth is that this is still a work in progress.

Stephen pressed on with the tattoo subject and I saw that it was futile to keep deflecting so I engaged more willingly. We agreed that tattoos and body modification were often a subtle means of communication and that the idea seemed to include many unlikely people. I said that I’d noticed so many tattoos at the gym and at the couple of workshop retreats that I’d attended.

Stephen told me that he had often thought about getting a tattoo but hadn’t had time to check it out completely. Was it painful? How did I decide on the location and design etc?  

Then he asked, quite innocently, whether he could touch the beaver tattoo to find if he could ‘feel’ the ink – had it raised the skin in any way? By now the wine had relaxed me and I heard myself agree to his request.

For convenience – or exhibitionism – I took off the shirt and he moved over to where I was sitting and moved his fingers over the beaver. If you touch very lightly it is possible to feel a difference in skin texture since the colours are quite dense.

He continued to drag his fingers over the drawing and gradually widened his radius to include my nipple, which is very close to the tattoo. I didn’t speak, enjoying the touch and Tantric stimulation.

Obviously he knew the effect he might be having and so I moved position a little as an indication that the demo should end. No problem. He moved back to the other couch.

It seemed a bit odd to put the shirt back on so I said that now I was back to the state of dress, or undress, that I’d been in all afternoon before he called, so he hadn’t really changed anything!

This was meant as a joke and he smiled and said he was glad he hadn’t interrupted anything! Getting carried away I said that actually I’d used the balcony for an ‘all over tan’ earlier. Being high up and shielded from the other balconies it’s totally private but the sun moves quickly so the time to catch it is quite short – not like the beach.

This took us to the subject of nude beaches, which are far away from this town. Stephen said that he knew many people who were mostly nudists in their own homes and that they tended to mix with similar folk. I agreed that this seemed likely and I mentioned that the workshops I’d attended featured a lot of nudity.

Stephen said that the only thing missing from most nude beaches was the sex. It seemed that he likely had more experience than me on this subject so I commented generally that nudity and sex often seem to go together. That comment drew the response that from his view of the giraffe, tattoos and sex must go together as well.

By now I figured there wasn’t much more to hide so I said that I was a very visual person and that being undressed stimulated me and that I’d been told this wasn’t at all unusual. Simply to find ways to enjoy the feelings without getting into trouble!

Stephen said that he too was very visual and he seemed to be more ready to risk being misunderstood on this subject than I am, so I thought maybe he had something to teach me.

Then, for some reason it occurred to me that here I was, sitting in my new apartment, talking about quite intimate things, wearing only the flimsiest of old shorts, with a person who wears a toe ring, whom I’d only met an hour or two before.

He seemed to read my mind and said that it must be fate that we seemed to have this common connection.

Time was moving on and we’d finished the wine but Stephen had one more request of me. He said he didn’t want to hold me up any longer from unpacking but felt that we had a connection which would sustain.

He was having a dinner the following week with a friend, at his, Stephen’s, apartment and would I like to come along? He’d put an invitation with time under the door tomorrow. I said that I’d be pleased to come if I didn’t have to work.

Then he asked whether he could take another look at the giraffe and added that wasn’t really his sole purpose. We’d talked so much about nudity, he remarked, and when I shown him the giraffe before I’d had on the shirt so it didn’t really count!

He added that from what I’d said he thought I’d get a boost from allowing him to see everything and he wanted me to feel that I could enjoy myself however I wanted, in his company. Also he’d get a ‘kick’ out of another look.

I couldn’t see much harm by now and warned him that our conversation had been quite stimulating for me and that he’d see that if I took off my shorts. He said he couldn’t wait!

So I took off the shorts and lay back on the couch. I felt very free and my erection seemed to be appreciated by Stephen. He said that it said a lot about the efforts that I’d made to incorporate my sexual being into my ordinary life and that this was an example.

He did remark  that some fluid had leaked from the tip of my penis and that he’d noticed a damp patch on my shorts before. I told him that I’d been practicing ways to control and that I could give him some notes on the subject if he was interested.

He said he certainly was and said he’d look forward to meeting my giraffe again soon. Could he touch the giraffe tattoo to show he was a friend. I laughed and said yes. So he traced his fingers along the drawing and then moved across and lightly stroked my penis from base to tip. Leaving that area of my body he wiped his now sticky finger around the beaver on my chest and said he’d let himself out and would send a note for the time next week.

I thanked him for the wine and he left.

I’m still reflecting on this unlikely visit. I’m going to go for dinner with him and his friend – he’s slipped the note under my door. I’m hoping dinner will be as exciting.”

This version of the email that I was sent changes many identifying details and hopefully makes the story he told more readable. The email describes some things in a different order and I think he was writing in a ‘stream of consciousness’ style so I’ve tried to make his description follow a narrative. I’ve never met the writer and he writes to me regularly.

He has emailed a description of his dinner which I’ve added at The main thing is that here seems to be a person who has found a way to enjoy life and his sensual side in ways that Tantric practice can often provide. 

To regular readers of this blog – please do let me know if this type of material adds to your experience and feel welcome to send anything about your own experiences with Tantra if you like. By the way I sent this copy to the writer before publishing it. He was happy to agree to its inclusion on this site.

Thanks for all your support.


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Dinner with Stephen – Part 1

many-handsDinner with Stephen – Part 1

I received many responses following the first posting describing Stephen’s visit to my out of town client. In it I mentioned that I had received a further email from the original sender describing what happened at the dinner with his neighbour, and would I post what happened.

Actually the description was contained in a very long document, again in a ‘stream of consciousness’ style. The general sense was that the evening turned out to be something of a ‘fantasy come true’ – at least that is the message that I got – but the story was too long to post as it was sent to me.

What I’ve done is reformed what he sent to me, as I did with the previous email, and divided it into two parts. This is the first part. I believe that the dinner events and descriptions are reflective of the sender’s experience and thoughts,  but, without changing the intent of what he sent, in shortening what was sent to me I have removed any identifying information about personalities or location that could reveal more than the writer intended.

The important thing is to recognize that what he describes is an experience that is truly consistent with Tantric ideas and demonstrates how moving beyond conventional physical and mental boundaries can provide expanded and valuable Tantric life experiences.

Here’s part 1.

“Thank you so much for reading about my neighbour’s visit while I was moving into my new apartment. I’m feeling like a voyeur looking at myself and am writing again because dinner at his place was just as unusual as Stephen’s first visit.

As he promised, he put a note under my door inviting me the next Wednesday and to come by around 6.30 p.m. He’s just down the hall at my new apartment building so it’s all very convenient. No driving!

I hadn’t seen Stephen since his unannounced welcoming visit the week before and the memory of that visit was still fresh and exciting to think about. Not often had anyone paid that much attention to my tattoos!

I have to admit to some nerves and pleasant expectations about the dinner invite although I had no specific agenda. I was just looking forward to some easy conversation and a relaxing evening with somebody who seemed to share some of my interests and concerns.

Somehow I’d put into the back of my mind that we’d spent most of our previous visit talking about my intimate tattoos, naked sunbathing, body issues, Tantra and being a nudist at home! Now, as I was getting ready to wander down the hall, I started to recall that he’d persuaded me to get naked, show him my tattoos and allowed him to see me aroused!

I wasn’t unhappy with the memories but I did wonder why that visit and the upcoming dinner had not really connected in my head. Certainly the realization fluttered a few butterflies in my stomach, but not unpleasantly.

I’d bought a bottle of quite expensive red wine – he’d brought white when he visited – to take as a dinner gift. I couldn’t open that bottle so poured out a glass of white wine that was open in my fridge and swallowed that for lubrication. Then, dressed in my best jeans and a thin sweater, I carried the bottle along the hall to his apartment.

I also remembered that Stephen had said that a friend of his would be joining us and I wondered how that would add to the dinner. I’d have to be on my best behaviour! All these thoughts were buzzing around in my head as I arrived at his door but none of those thoughts had prepared me for the next happening.

I knocked on the door, readied with wine and a smile and the door opened quickly. There stood Stephen – naked!

 I didn’t know what to say or how to react and obviously he knew I would be completely surprised. So I just said, “Hi, here I am” and gave him the wine, for which he thanked me with a big smile.

I entered the apartment foyer and kicked off my sneakers, jokingly noting – with a humorous comment that I’d prepared, that he could notice that I didn’t have a toe ring – he’d revealed the one that he wears when he visited me. Somehow the joke seemed embarrassingly hopeless, especially since I was wearing socks. Stephen just smiled broadly and said to follow him into his living room. I still didn’t really know what to say.

We entered the living room and he said, “Well, what do you think?”

‘About what?’  I thought.

Before I could respond out loud, he continued that he thought he should return the compliment of being naked, after his visit to me when I’d shown him my tattoos. He reminded me that I’d told him that I liked to be nude around the place and that he had the same thinking, so why not tonight? 

By now I was getting a little more adjusted to his state and style and so I thanked him for the idea. He didn’t seem to have been drinking and seemed quite sincere in a playful sort of way, so I decided to take this as a continuation of our previous meeting and go with the flow.

I said that he looked very nice and he gave me a hug. He’s of average build, quite fit, mid 30’s I’d say, with blond complexion and not much body hair. He’s got a nice smile and friendly eyes. Something of a tanned complexion. 

As we stood in the living room he knew I was still composing myself so he took a step back and did a 360 degree turn saying now that I’d seen almost all there was to see. I still wasn’t sure how to respond but he made a great image. I tried to only look him in the eye but he saw that my mind might be more curious and so he said, “No problem – take a good look – that’s all part of the fun!”

He’s got one of those penises that always seems to be half erect – sort of hanging at an angle and quite noticeable even when soft. He of course saw that I’d taken him up on his invitation to look below and smiled his usual friendly grin.

I said he looked great, or something equally bland, still feeling a little embarrassed. He wasn’t going to let me off the hook so easily. He said that he had really appreciated my time last week and that I should know that he was genuinely intrigued with my tattoos as much as he was flattered with my comfort level.

This was one way that he could return the compliment. He reminded me that we are all sexual creatures and there is nothing wrong with some eroticism and he wanted to make this time a little erotic. He also said that since we’d established that we both liked being nude at home, and in front of others, it made a lot of sense to enjoy the opportunity. As he talked I saw that his penis was beginning to grow, as was mine, but of course I was well hidden!

He saw that I was noticing as I listened to him and he pointed out that there was nowhere to hide for him! All said with a smile, but he added that he really tried to enjoy every aspect of his body when the chances occurred and this was a chance to enjoy himself and he was sure that I wouldn’t mind his occasional erections. That I’d always be able to see what he was thinking!

For me this cleared my mind and I told him so and to go ahead – his enjoyment would also be mine. What’s the harm, I thought. Certainly he was not at all self conscious and he seemed as relaxed as he had been when he visited me. I also think that he was enjoying the effect of blindsiding me but it was clear that his joke was for fun and not in any way intended offensively. I realized that it reflected a level of trust in me, just as I had trusted him. So we were ‘cool’.

After this conversation he invited me to sit down while he went to the kitchen to open the wine I’d brought. I looked around the living room. Nicely but conventionally furnished. I could see the view from his balcony and decided that I had the better side of the building.

He came back into the room with the opened bottle and two glasses and said that his friend would join us later and then we’d have dinner. He poured the wine and we clinked glasses across the coffee table. He was on the sofa and I was in one of two armchairs.

By now I was completely used to his being naked and was beginning to enjoy the visual energy. He moved around on the couch naturally and made no attempt to hide or adjust himself for my benefit. He just stretched out on the couch and we chatted. I noticed he was wearing the toe ring but other than that there were no other body adornments. I thought that maybe he had trimmed his pubic hair quite short and his skin seemed quite smooth, but that’s as far as my thoughts went.

I did find myself thinking that I wished I’d had his natural physical confidence – that I must have missed a lot of chances. Again Stephen seemed to read my thoughts and said that knowing that it was OK with me for him to be nude I was more than welcome to do as most of his like minded friends did and undress also, if I’d like. Seeing that I was still a bit hesitant he told me not to worry. Just to relax.

Then he said why didn’t he take off my socks and he’d give me a foot rub to relax me while we talked. I wasn’t going to miss this chance by playing hard to get so I thanked him and put my feet on the table and he took off my socks and massaged my feet. I’d found from massage and Tantra that the feet can be sensually very sensitive and this didn’t seem to be the first time he’d done this. He seemed to know exactly where to touch and stroke. I couldn’t have felt more comfortable.

Suddenly he stopped massaging and started to talk about some of the things I’d told him about my body issues. He thanked me again for telling him and said that he thought this evening might help me further in seeing that I wasn’t crazy. He said again that he and many of his friends often were nude around each other and that it wasn’t only a sexual thing. That they all liked seeing the naked body and that everyone was basically the same. Just different shapes and sizes.

I said that I’d come to understand this but that I still worried about being inappropriately aroused, as I was when he visited and looked at my tattoos. He pointed out that I hadn’t noticed that he’d become aroused while massaging my feet and that he didn’t think I’d even looked.  This wasn’t quite true. Actually, mostly, I’d closed my eyes to enjoy the massage. His point was that was how acceptable it all was in the right company.

Stephen mentioned that at private gatherings, among friends, someone was always getting an erection, and that everyone becomes comfortable with it. And anyway there is nothing wrong with erections so why try to hide them. We should encourage them. This was his view and I certainly wasn’t going to argue!

All this was arousing for me and it was clear that he had noticed. With a knowing grin he pointed out that I seemed to reflect exactly what we’d been talking about.

Then he went further and started to talk about self stimulation. He said that obviously it was fun in the right company but had been given a bad name and that we should all loosen up on this subject.

Everything he said seemed to make perfect sense and I recalled that this subject had been talked about in a bodywork retreat that I’d attended and that I’d worked on the idea myself but hadn’t really found much opportunity to practice with others!

We’d been sipping at the wine and the atmosphere was very relaxed but I was beginning to wonder what would come next so I asked what he had planned for dinner. That reminded him that he had some crackers and nuts which he hadn’t put out and he went into the kitchen and came back with a couple of bowls of snack things. He said that he planned to eat around 8.30 p.m. after his friend had arrived if that was OK with me. I said I’d look forward to it.

I was curious whether his friend was also familiar with the things we’d been talking about and he said they often hung out in this way so I’d be in good hands.  Before I could think of another topic he said that he was going to make a suggestion that I could accept or reject but which might help as a comfort thing.

Always being open to being comfortable I told him to go ahead. I think the wine was catching up on me but I couldn’t have imagined what would follow.

His idea was that he would fill the bathtub and give me a bath before dinner. He said that the idea was a good one because it would give me an excuse to get undressed! He always enjoyed bathing people and it was a good way to get to know them!

He offered the invitation so smoothly that I found it difficult to say no – not that I felt that I wanted to refuse!

Anyway I said, “OK if you’d like to” and without another word he went to the bathroom to fill the tub.

I remained seated in the chair and I could feel my heart racing. Talking about sexual topics, sitting around naked etc. – this was all comfortable, but now Stephen was proposing something that seemed to me to be especially personal.

Before I could get my head around the idea much more he came back into the living room and with his normal persuasive voice suggested that I get undressed – very necessary for a bath he pointed out with a grin. This instruction focused me again on the fact that he was naked and also excited at the bath prospect.

Anyway I lifted myself out of the comfortable chair and took off my jeans and sweater while he watched.   I could feel that I was quite excited under my boxers and he said that it was good to see I was looking forward to this and also that my giraffe (tattoo) could do with a drink, which I thought was funny.

So I took off the boxers and he led me to the bathroom. The bathroom, like mine, is quite new with lots of chrome and mirrors and soft lights. The shower drops into a large tub which was filling with water. The temperature was perfect and I got in and sat down.

There was no bubble bath to hide beneath and by now l was feeling very aroused. Satisfying himself that I was comfortably settled, Stephen, without more words, got a washcloth and soaped it up and washed my back. It felt great. Then he had me stand up and he washed the rest of the back of me and my legs and buttocks.

Then he stopped and whispered that this part could be as intimate as I wanted. That he would wash and soap between my legs if I liked. If not, no problem. I said he should go ahead and that I was enjoying the whole thing. 

So he soaped his hand and washed carefully between my legs. I’d never had this done to me before and I nearly exploded, but I was trying hard to practice controlling myself and he seemed to realize if I was getting too close.

Then, while I was still standing he turned me round and washed my front. He said he was fascinated with the beaver tattoo and said that it really seemed to be fixated on my nipple.

This comment seemed to give him an excuse to tell me that his nipples were quite sensitive and that he had a fascination with nipples – his own and other people’s. I thanked him for telling me, saying that I’d keep that in mind for the future!

After this exchange he had me sit down again and washed my feet. This was all quite fantastic and I wanted him to also get in the tub, but he didn’t.

He said that he now had to get the dinner together and that I should empty the tub and use the shower and then come back out and join him. He pointed to the towels and then  left for the other room.

I showered off the soap and decided that I should wipe down the tub etc. Doing that calmed my nerves somewhat and I dried myself off and wrapped the towel around me.

Then I thought maybe I shouldn’t use the towel as cover. Since Stephen had been naked for the past hour and he’d hidden nothing from me, so there wasn’t anything I should hide from him. So I just walked through to the living room, naked.

Stephen was there, dressed in jeans and a T shirt with his friend!

A female also dressed in jeans and a shirt.”


What followed is in Part 2 which I’ll post soon. I can say that it all ends happily!

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Dinner with Stephen – Part 2

Here is the 2nd part of the encounter that my client sent to me. I’ve changed all the names and edited out much of the detail that he included in his description. Still the report contains much detail and is lengthy. I hope he feels it still makes sense and reflects what he sent to me. It is my client describing his experience – it’s not my personal experience. Nevertheless, although not directly Tantra and Massage related, to the extent that Tantra is about the experiential heightening of awareness, this description seems to fit what is often possible when like minded people meet.

Dinner with Stephen – Part 2

“…..I dried myself off and wrapped the towel around me and then I thought maybe I shouldn’t use the towel as cover since he’d been naked for the past hour and he’d hidden nothing from me, so there wasn’t anything I should hide from him. So I just walked through to the living room, naked.

Stephen was there, dressed in jeans and a T shirt with his friend!

A female also dressed in jeans and a shirt.

I just didn’t know what to do. I apologized and tried to cover myself with my hand. I said I’d get a towel, and both of them laughed and said that there was no problem and that they wanted to see my face and that it was a friendly joke and they hoped I wouldn’t be offended. Stephen said that he wanted to show his friend, Susan, my tattoos and this seemed to be a fun way of doing so.

Before I could think of whether to apologize again, be angry or run away, Stephen, with an apologetic tone, asked me to stay as I was and to sit down. He introduced me to Susan and said they’d known each other for a few years. At the time that they’d met, Susan had a regular girlfriend and was currently between relationships, always with females. He told me that Susan was an artist with a visual appreciation for male and female forms.

Seemingly Stephen had told her about my tattoos and she wanted to see them for herself. Stephen told me when he visited me that he is gay and so, he told me, is Susan. As if to make things clearer he said that we all seemed to have something in common – that we all liked to be nude and looking at naked people. They hoped I didn’t mind. I said that I didn’t and the strange thing was that although I was the only one among us who was naked I really wasn’t conscious of it. I actually began to feel relaxed and at the same time excited.

Susan said that she would serve the meal and Stephen said it could wait a little and described to Susan that he’d given me a bath as an excuse to get me undressed and that he’d opened the door naked etc.

Susan said this was just another example of Stephen’s strange approach to things but that it was all good natured and she said she approved if I did. Then Stephen said that he wanted Susan to look more closely at the texture of the tattoos and would I mind if Susan felt the ink on the skin, very lightly, as he had done. I said that would be OK and she came over and touched the beaver as Stephen had done, to feel the tattoo.

She was very careful and thanked me for allowing her this inspection. Then Stephen asked if I’d mind giving her a reverse view so that she could see the Mona Lisa tattoo. Susan really seemed more interested in the artwork than anything else so I stood up and turned round so she could see the picture, and of course, my rear end.

Then Stephen asked me to kneel, resting my arms on the chair, so that they could see how far the drawing went into the crack between my buttocks. The curiosity seemed to be how far a tattoo could be drawn into this region. Actually it’s drawn quite far. I was by now rather enjoying following their requests and complied without comment or much hesitation. Kneeling in this way exposed most of the secrets of my ass, although I wasn’t really too conscious of this. This prompted Stephen to joke that he’d seen, or rather felt, that part before during the bath. I was about to get up again when Susan asked me to stay kneeling on all fours because she said that one day she would like to paint or draw this view.

She said she had a thing about this part of the body. That it was so sensitive and also so hidden and that she found it beautiful.

Either she or Stephen laughingly tickled between my legs and recognizing the cue I quickly stood up, now rather aroused, and Stephen handed my jeans and sweater which, with mixed feelings, I quickly put on.

Susan disappeared into the kitchen to get the food.

Dinner was quite simple. A roast chicken, rice and veg. with some more wine. Susan commented that now we were all properly dressed! She was very casual with jeans and a loose fitting feminine shirt. She is around 5’4″, slim build and I guess what is described as boyish figure. Blond hair, like Stephen, and I think she might be late 20s.

By now the light was fading and the dining area was quite dim, but we could see each other clearly. Susan asked me more about how I came to get the tattoos and we talked about that and art subjects and I completely forgot that both these people had intimately inspected all of my body an hour before. They asked of my life before moving and I talked about the guy I used to visit for massage and interest in things physical and sexual.

I said about my shyness and lack of confidence around body issues, which I stressed I was working on with Tantra etc. Both Stephen and Susan said that it wasn’t an uncommon thing and that some shyness is normal and desirable. They said that they’d been nudists for a long time and that males and females sometimes see these things differently, but when the people are gay or bi that often there are different expectations as well.

Susan said that she liked being around gay men because they would not chase her in the same way that straight men might, and even gay women. She said that she liked the sexuality of the naked body whether it was male or female without having to have sex, necessarily. Stephen said he’d come to understand this as well. To me it all seemed to make perfect sense.

The conversation was very open about these things and they seemed to know more than me about social nudity. They said that I had responded really well when coming into the room from the bathroom and they apologized again for doing it but that Stephen thought it might be a helpful experience for me because I would think about it as something that was fun and safe. I said I felt safe enough and I was surprised at myself for feeling so comfortable after the initial shock.

We finished with some cheese and more wine and then Susan said, with a broad wink, that because we seemed so comfortable together we should go into the living room and talk more about bodies. So we did. Stephen only has one couch so he sat on that, Susan in the armchair and I in the other chair.

I noted that we were all wearing nearly identical jeans. Mine and Stephen’s were average fit and Susan’s quite tight. I said that women can have tighter fitting jeans than men without anything obvious showing. She said that was true but why would I be bothered about showing the outline of my penis. She really didn’t pull any punches, I thought. That I still hadn’t got over things entirely, but she said it with a laugh.

I said I was still a work in progress and anyway she was the only one who hadn’t been seen naked this evening.

Stephen agreed and Susan said that she was looking forward to getting naked but hoped that Stephen and I would also undress because although she liked women in relationships she liked to look at and paint men. She said that she found the male body very interesting, in different ways, from the female body.

Susan then suggested that we should each undress separately and then talk a little personally about ourselves to keep the energy flowing and she would start.

She took off her jeans and her shirt. She wasn’t wearing underwear and didn’t need a bra. She is very slim with petite breasts. She has a small, athletic figure and her genital area is shaved so that everything there can be seen. Her breasts have smallish nipples, noticeably I thought, not unlike Stephen’s.

She did a little wiggle of her hips and sat down in the chair with a smile.

Then she said that she really loved her body and saw nothing wrong with showing it off and also enjoying it. She couldn’t understand anybody who didn’t feel the same.

She looked at Stephen for confirmation and said that she liked to stimulate herself feeling that no-one would be judging her. As an artist she said she liked to feel the energy of the body she was painting or drawing and could get that energy through her own body.

As an example she said that playing with her own nipples caused them to become erect and hard and that she liked the feeling so much that this allowed her to appreciate even more the potential of the bodies of others.

Then she said that each of us had to say something personal that we wouldn’t easily disclose.

She suggested that I be next and Stephen agreed. So I had to stand up and take off my jeans and sweater. I hadn’t bothered to put on my boxers before in the rush after the bathroom thing.

So I’m naked again and a little excited but not completely aroused.

Susan slid the coffee table away with her foot and told me to move to stand in front of her and Stephen so that they could get a better look.

She always said things with a bit of a smile. So I moved toward them, Susan in the chair, naked, and Stephen propped up at the end of the couch dressed. Susan put her foot under my penis and raised it and of course it became erect immediately. Then she said it was that physical movement that fascinated her but that I had to practice enjoying the sensations without ejaculating, and to tell something about myself to them.

I said that this was the very first time I had engaged in anything like this. That I’d got the tattoos for attention and to focus on my body and now I’d got what I deserved! I said this with a laugh.

Stephen said that this was a very brave thing to do and that is why he liked me.

Susan said that she was serious about drawing or painting my butt and asked me to bend over again so she could see it again. I did so and she and Stephen looked at it, I imagine, and said that these things were so beautiful.

She said that I should do as she did if I wanted, and feel free to stimulate myself. I said that Stephen’s foot massage had been really nice and he said he’d do it again.

Then Susan said it was Stephen’s turn and he stood up and undressed. He was wearing briefs which were the last to come off. Although he’d greeted me naked, this time he looked different. This time he was completely aroused and he really looked incredibly attractive to me.

Maybe the wine was affecting my outlook about things. He was used to this game, I imagined, and easily made some comments about himself.  He has an almost perfect body but said that he was always concerned about getting old.

Susan stopped him before he could go further and said that actual age had little to do with the erotic experience. As an artist she found positive energy in bodies and personalities of all ages and appearances. That every individual was a complete, satisfying, package. It wasn’t all about perfect appearance.

But she did allow that Stephen had good skin and muscle tone and then she leaned forward and grabbed his cock and wiped the end of it. She said, with mock seriousness, “Aha, there’s DNA here”. Then she looked at me and said it’s proof he likes you.

Stephen said, “Of course”, and I said thank you. Then Susan said for me to stand up facing Stephen. I did that and she grabbed my cock, which wasn’t completely erect and, with the other hand, pulled me and Stephen together and held our cocks side by side and said that if she bound them together we’d be married.

It was a good joke at the time but then she kept us in position and I could feel the energy of Stephen next to mine and Susan’s warm hand around our cocks. It was the most erotic experience.

Then Susan released her grip and we both sat down, Stephen on the couch and I back in the chair.

The room was silent for a moment and I said that this must be a pregnant pause. We all laughed and Stephen said that he should have put on some music. He found some light background jazz style.

We just sat quietly, sipping the glasses we’d brought from the table and I realized we were all sort of absorbing everything about each other.

For me this was such an unusual setting and the sight of Stephen and Susan was overwhelmingly stimulating for me and I tried to adjust to hide my growing erection.

Susan noticed and reminded that the relaxed idea was to enjoy the moment. That all of us should be able to enjoy. So she told me to put my feet on the table and let them all enjoy my arousal. So I followed instructions and leaned back in the chair with my feet on the table.

My penis was as big as it’s ever been, standing vertical below my belly. I reached down and touched it and then realized if I wasn’t careful I’d ejaculate and I didn’t want to do that so I moved my hands away. I could feel some precum around the tip, or thought I could.

I couldn’t see Stephen or Susan because I’d fallen well back into the chair so I moved up and put my feet back on the floor. Susan said this was exactly how things should be and that she loved to see guys excited.

Stephen had stretched out on the couch, playing with his penis, more expertly than me, leaking and holding off from ejaculation. He was using one hand to stroke his cock and the other to play with one of his nipples. I noticed that he was completely absorbed in himself and taking no notice of either of us.

Susan said this was turning her on and she propped her feet on the table and opened up her legs. From my angle she was hiding nothing and she reached her fingers into herself and seemed to move into a different head space. I just watched, switching my eyes from her to Stephen and back again and feeling my own erection.

I’ve no idea how long this scene lasted but Susan was the first to speak again. Actually she stopped playing with herself without a word, got up, and moved her chair around the table next to mine and propped her feet back on the table. She told me to do the same and that we should play ‘footsie’.

So I pulled the chair closer and put my feet next to hers and we watched each others feet. She moved hers into mine and stroked my toes with hers and around my ankles. I did the same and as she did so she looked over at my cock which was as hard as it’s ever been. Then she reached over and stroked my nipple while playing with my feet.

I started to move my hand to my cock but she took it with her other hand and stretched it across to her own breast. I could feel her nipple and just moved my finger around on it. We played like this for awhile, noticing that Stephen was still in a world of his own.

Then Susan stopped and sat up and said how nice it was just to enjoy bodies without concentrating just on genitals. I said that she’d made a very good point. That the possibilities seemed endless.

Stephen suddenly decided to come back to us, sat up and said that he’d been watching from the corner of his eye and that he was so pleased that we were getting on so well and that we each seemed to be equally turned on. Nobody could have disagreed with him.

He said he’d often wondered exactly what it was about this sort of gathering that was actually the biggest turn on. He said for him, although he liked guys mostly, Susan really added a great deal to the mix.

He also said that he could see why Susan would like to draw me and that he’d like to see my butt again.

Susan said so would she but that the sketch would have to wait for another time but that she’d like to get closer to Stephen and myself – to feel some more energy and would we mind?

Stephen asked her what she wanted to do and she got up and moved her chair and coffee table away from the couch and quickly went into the bathroom and came out with all the towels, which she laid out on the floor. I could see where she was going to I moved my chair out of the way as well. Then she sat down on the towels and asked who would join her. We both moved next to her on the towels.

I was no longer really trying to think of anything. The sensuality of the entire evening had taken over my capacity to think. But Susan was still thinking, fortunately. She took Stephen’s hand and put it on my chest and rubbed it around and pulled him closer to me.

He didn’t need any further encouragement and began to stroke me all over. I just stretched out on the floor as he massaged my torso and legs. Susan joined in and tickled at my balls and opened my legs. I could feel her slender fingers moving around my anus and then Stephen’s in the same area.

Susan was whispering to Stephen not to make me cum. Then they flipped me over and from somewhere I felt something wet around my ass. Maybe it was some warm wine or some oil that I hadn’t seen before.

I’d risen to be on all fours, wanting nothing more than to completely enjoy this exploration. Stephen said this was going to be something fantastic for me. Just enjoy. Then I felt either Stephen’s or Susan’s tongue around my anus.

I realized it must have been Stephen’s tongue because it was Susan speaking. She said Stephen had bathed me so well, and I had such a perfect anus, that nobody could resist enjoying it, and as she spoke I felt Stephen’s tongue inside me.

Susan had slid underneath me and I had rested some of my body weight against her. I could feel her warmth against my lower torso. Stephen’s tongue in my anus was more than I could stand. I ejaculated with the wildest convulsions and just collapsed onto Susan.

Stephen withdrew and lay down beside us. I could feel the warmth and stickiness of my ejaculation on my skin and my body weight on Susan.

I struggled off her body and apologized for covering her in my DNA!  She said that this was exactly what she wanted and expected. That it was a work of art. That the feeling of my ejaculation was highly erotic for her, but that we weren’t finished yet.

My focus had changed a little now but I realized that although I’d ejaculated I was still feeling turned-on but in a quieter way than before.

Stephen was on his back with an erection looking like it would explode at any moment.

Susan told me to grasp his penis and feel how hard it had become but not to make him ejaculate.

I did what she instructed. His erect penis is bigger than mine and I could feel the energy pumping in him. Susan said now to release his cock and then we would both stroke his balls with our tongues.

His testicles were tight, with very little hair and his legs were open as mine had been. I brought my head down to his groin at the same time as Susan, she on one side and I on the other. As we licked Stephen our heads and tongues rubbed and touched and I reached up to Stephen’s chest to find anywhere else on him that would respond.

I could feel myself again responding to his body. Suddenly he came. His ejaculate flowed into my face and hair and in the same way onto Susan. She grabbed his still pumping cock and moved it closer to my face and hers. Stephen was just convulsing and moaning.

We just lay there, exhausted and enjoying the moment. I moved to make my head level with Stephen’s. I could feel the warmth of his cum on my face and in my hair. Susan climbed on top of us and pressed her face into ours, pulling our heads together in a hug. It seemed to me that there could be no better example of human physical contact.

Susan arose and stood over us. She said that she had also experienced an incredible orgasm. It seemed likely. She was covered in sweat and from the ejaculation of both Stephen and myself. I mumbled that she also looked like a work of art.

Again she said that we weren’t yet finished.

Stephen mumbled that we’d better let Susan be the boss!

I wasn’t going to suggest differently and Susan kneeled down beside me and whispered close to my ear, asking how I felt. I said I probably felt the best I’d ever felt in my life.

Stephen was lying on the other side of me and echoed the same comment. It was an extraordinary feeling of sensuality, in the afterglow of this fantastic release, to feel on the one side the energy of Stephen’s body alongside me and on the other side the smooth and more delicate energy of Susan’s body, kneeling next to me.

I turned my head toward her and saw how my ejaculation, and Stephen’s, had combined with her natural sweat, to make the upper parts of her body and face a glowing pallet of human fluid expression.

As I began to notice her breasts I focused on her nipples and was reminded how seemingly similar they were to Stephen’s. I turned my head to him and looked at his chest and at his breasts and then looked back at Susan. “You’ve both got similar size and colour nipples” I offered and Stephen said that he always knew they had something in common.

Susan stroked my belly and moved to play with my limp penis which was slowly beginning to rise to life again. She moved to my chest and rubbed my nipples, saying that both my beaver and giraffe must be the happiest tattoo animals in the world.

Then she reached across my body and stroked at Stephen’s cock which was also beginning to rise again.

Then Susan got up and said that since she was in charge now she wanted to see Stephen and me together so that she could remember some ideas for future sketches. With that she moved away and Stephen moved on top of me and I felt his full weight and warmth and I wrapped my arms around his neck and we just rolled and rubbed on the towels until we seemed to be permanently entwined.

I heard Susan move onto the towels at our feet and gently she took my foot in her hand and massaged each toe and then I think she did the same for Stephen.

Neither I nor Stephen moved as she moved her hands up between our legs. Our genitals were very much crunched together as Stephen lay on top of me and I could feel Susan exploring Stephen and then me. I was again getting aroused and I could feel Stephen’s growing erection finding a place next to my own penis. This fusing of flesh seemed endless at the time.

But it did end. Susan said it was time to regroup and she stood up and Stephen rolled off me but neither of us did anything more but remain lying on our backs, again with Susan standing over us.

She said that she felt so turned on to see the both of us and that next time she would have her sketch pad with her.

I asked Stephen whether evenings like this were normal for them and he answered honestly that each time was unique in its own way and that this evening was something special.

I wondered what time it was and I don’t think any of us wanted things to end. There was life in all of us yet, so Susan said she would fill the tub and we should all get cleaned up and off she went to the bathroom.

Stephen and I dragged ourselves off the towels and carried them to the bathroom. The tub was half full and Susan was submerged in it. It’s a bigger than average tub and Susan, being on the small size, didn’t take up much room.

We shut off the tap and Stephen got in first, sliding himself next to Susan. Then I did the same. It was a squeeze with water splashing but we found ourselves comfortable positions with various body parts intermingled.

I ended up facing Stephen with Susan between us facing out into the room. Susan had found a wash cloth and soap and had already ducked her head under before we arrived.

There was shampoo at the edge of the bath which she’d grabbed and she said, with a laugh, that she was going to wash our DNA out of her hair.

Her hair is short so it didn’t take much shampoo and as she soaped Stephen said he’d help her and stood up, leaned over and soaped away at her scalp.

She said this felt good and from my view I watched Stephen’s cock and balls as he stood above us. The shampoo ended and Stephen slid back into the tub and Susan slid under the water, turning it soapy with the shampoo. Both Stephen and I could feel her sliding around between us and then she reappeared.

And there we sat, chest deep in soapy water.

We sat in this liquid silence for what seemed an eternity. But this wasn’t an awkward silence. It was a silence of perfect communication. There seemed to be a feeling of complete connectedness and of a trust only possible through the common physical experiences that we’d risked throughout the evening.

We stayed on into the early hours, enjoying our newly discovered comfort.

The time did end, of course, and reluctantly I dragged myself down the hallway to my own apartment. But the connections that we’d made were particularly strong and we all knew that this was not to be a ‘one night stand’.

This would not be our only encounter”.


I’ve asked my correspondent to write again with any subsequent encounters. In time I am sure he will send something further for inclusion.

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