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I’ve had many emails asking about the Foot Massage visit and Robert’s email. I also received this email from one of the other visitors. It explains more, from another participant, and, at his request I’m posting it for the extra information it provides.
The energy and setting for gatherings like this are very personal. We’re sharing so much of ourselves, mentally and physically. While the theme of this event was the pleasure of foot bathing and massage exchange, in many ways the planned theme often becomes the catalyst for other openings and explorations as comfort levels progress.
As Boz mentions, Robert’s energy and comfort in quickly, partially undressing, was immediately felt in the room.
Certainly familiarity with full body Tantric massage helps in exploring ways to find the full potentials of any group theme. On this occasion, the care that was taken by everyone to exchange and enjoy the sensuality of the theme, led to experiences that are unique to Tantric practice.
In other words, although this massage theme initially focused on the sensual potential of foot bathing and massage, the opportunities quickly moved imaginations beyond the naked foot. Future themes will detail the many other sensual possibilities of the Tantric body.
Thank you to all have have contacted on this topic. Feel welcome to continue to write and express whatever thoughts you might like to send.
Telephone:     250-984-7051
From: Boz <pu…>
Sent: Sunday, January 26, 2020 8:19 PM
To: Colin . <>
Subject: Foot massage group
Colin – that was such an affirming email from Robert. Boz here – your long time visitor from faraway Victoria, lol.
I just wanted to say that everything that Robert said were my feelings as well. Robert had come by bus and walked in the rain. His umbrella hadn’t protected him from the puddles, hahaha, so the cuffs of his pants were soaked so it was natural to take them off to dry them anyway and that fitted so well with the theme of the group.
I never met him before, or Alan, the other visitor in the group, who was also a pleasure to meet.
The thing was that it was so unexpectedly exciting when Robert arrived, to be introduced and then watch him almost immediately take off his wet shoes and pants. Alan and I were already barefoot and getting to know each other when Robert arrived but we were still a bit cautious and you were careful to allow time and space to move the group energy.
Seeing Robert feel so comfortable removing his pants and socks so immediately – even though he did so partly because they were soaked –  seemed such a signal of our shared energy and like a permission to become even more personal or comfortable.
Without wearing pants it also made it so much easier to share and use the foot bath, lol. and for Alan and me to feel comfortable also removing our pants.
I think we all soon enjoyed just being able to sit back and relax to experience massage and bathing and also giving that experience to each other.
I just wanted to say that the visit seemed to give an extra dimension to massage, as I normally experience it. It was such a pleasure to enjoy the visual energy of this little group. I’ll never stop visiting for massage which is part of my life but I wanted you to know this was a very appreciated extra experience.
I found it so comforting to find that at least 3 other total strangers – we’re not anymore, lol – can so quickly share similar energies and tastes. I think we all were not in a rush to get dressed again when it was getting time to leave, lol.
I’d really love to write more but I’d like you to publish this on your blog, with Robert’s email and I don’t want to include much more detail so that the email can’t be published.
I think we all look forward to the next group visit and to the next theme, or even a repeat of this one.
Thanks, Colin.
From: Robert <ro…>
Sent: Saturday, January 25, 2020 3:09 PM
To: Colin . <>
Subject: Foot massage group

Hey Colin, I’ve just got to thank you for arranging the group meeting this week. It was such a friendly and personal experience. I found the 2 other guys and me had so much in common. Of course we were all known to you individually but I do think you put in much care to make it a perfect group.
The idea to make the event around exchanging foot massage worked so well. There was something so comfortable and sensual about exchanging touch in this way. Outside the weather was so bad so arriving to meet you and the others in a warm, friendly and familiar place was such a contrast to things outside. And to feel comfortable just taking off my shoes and socks and my wet jeans and warming my feet and getting such a casual but beautiful touch from new acquaintances was just what I needed.
Although I was the last to arrive I felt immediately welcome and completely comfortable even though the others were already well connected.
This gathering has opened a whole new level of excitement for me. Without getting into detail, as you know we all found a new dimension to massage touch and not just to our feet. It was such fun to sit around so comfortably and share so much.
I hope you can make this happen again soon and that you’ll invite me again. I’m still dreaming.
Go ahead and add this to your blog and I hope others can enjoy the same energy.

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