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The past 18 months have challenged so many of us, whether we’ve been figuring how to get a haircut or how to keep a fitness studio viable. Virtual Reality has provided, and continues to provide, some connections – although not so much for haircuts – lol.

More serious challenges have presented as serious health problems, of course, and we share the pain of so many people who have suffered illness and the loss of family and friends.

Good fortune, caution and vaccines have allowed some very limited, safe and modified Tantric practice to return over the most recent months. Happily, here, the months have remained free of infection.

Now, carefully, the studio door can be unlocked, but caution and understanding is still necessary if the door is to be safely opened.

As Covid retreats it still leaves a poisonous sting in its tail and the consequences of contracting a variant, or even the original virus, remain potentially life-threatening.

But with worst case worries always in mind, vaccination and caution do suggest that reconnection with personal activity can slowly, and safely resume, whether it’s at the gym or the hairdresser – or the Tantric massage studio.

The balance can now tip toward resuming some of the physical comforts that Tantric practice can provide. It is possible, now, to think about reconnecting with times of mental and physical relaxation.

With that in mind there can be a ‘Welcome’ sign on the studio door. Just call or email to check on the precautions that must remain in place and the safe options that are now possible to enhance every Tantric visit and experience.




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