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Tantra, True Self & Reality

Tantra, True Self & Reality

 Today we assume multiple masks and identities – real and virtual. From internet identities that hide our real selves from the world, to different personas for work, home and leisure, we must increasingly juggle our user names, masks and realities. With all this identity juggling there is a risk of losing the connection with ‘true self’.

For many the inclusion of Tantric practice, as a private and regular component of ‘real life’, can be the connection that supports and maintains consciousness of ‘true self’. It’s a connection that can provide unique opportunities to interact on the very personal and physical levels that are often rare or impossible in other day to day or virtual contexts.

Tantric practice, through touch and personal interaction, allows the safe, comfortable, fun and enjoyable removal of the masks that hide ‘true self’. At the same time it preserves and creates the opportunities and freedoms that can come with renewed self discovery, and the happier energies hiding behind our preferred disguises.

For the chance to re-imagine and rediscover feel most welcome to call, share and visit.





Stephen’s Massage Model

relaxHere’s the first part of the conclusion to the massage experience emailed by my reader:

‘…………..Jeffery said it was now time to ‘get to work’ and that I should get onto the table. I climbed on, face down, adjusting my still erect cock between the table and my belly. I could feel the leaked pre-cum against my skin and tried to distract myself to avoid any premature ejaculation. It wasn’t going to be easy and I realized that Jeffery’s purpose was very much to assist Julia in learning techniques that would assist with these energies. I began to feel that I was also going to gain much benefit from Jeffery’s instruction to Julia. 

To be continued……………..’

As I settled myself on the massage table Jeffery asked whether I was comfortable. I was. I was lying on soft towels and my face was comfortably supported by an opening in the table enabling me to lie comfortably in a face down position. I found myself looking at the hardwood floor of my apartment lounge as I lay on the table.

Jeffery said that he would hand over the direction of the massage to Julia and he would guide her in methods that would fit with the spa’s massage protocols and at the same time enable a relaxing massage. He said that the most common issue was working with clients who were sexually aroused throughout the massage. The rules didn’t permit therapists to directly acknowledge or deliberately stimulate arousal but his experience was that nearly all males found the energy and context of the massage sensually arousing. That fact had to be accepted and in a way that allowed the client to relax and the therapist to feel comfortable.

He said that this was such a good opportunity to pass on to Julia the techniques that were working for him in a ‘hands on’ and ‘explicit’ style. He added that because I was so clearly aroused I was the ideal client model for these purposes. He said that Julia would role-play her position at work. He reminded that this would be more fun than at the spa because we were all working naked. Julia normally would not be nude for the massage. He joked that the concession was in lieu of overtime. Then he handed things over to Julia.

Julia began by whispering in my ear that she hoped that I was comfortable and that she would be covering me with a sheet. As she leaned over, close to the table to whisper I could see her bare feet beneath the table as I gazed at the floor. The image and her closeness had much to do with my continued arousal and I shifted on the table, feeling myself, again, close to ejaculation.

Julia sensed my tension and moved away to find the sheet and give me time to recover control.

She immediately returned and I felt the draft of the sheet as she spread it over me. Fully draped she began quickly stroking my body over the sheet and as she stroked she displaced the sheet, exposing me once again. I experienced a powerful sensual energy as the sheet moved against my body and as Julia allowed it to drift into the space between my thighs and finally over my feet.

Now that I was once again uncovered, Julia grasped both of my feet and opened my legs to the width of the table. The touch to my feet, and re-positioning of my legs, brief as it was, was again so stimulating. I was beginning to realize how erotically stimulating this entire process would be and how important it was for therapists to be able to work with these levels of energy.

I sensed that had Julia moved away. She quickly returned and I felt warm oil being drifted over my shoulders and back, followed by Julia’s fingers confidently massaging muscles that I didn’t know I had. She progressed toward my butt, spreading the oil as she massaged. By now I was struggling to remain aware and in control of myself but as she began to work my inner thighs I found myself shifting and lifting my hips causing Julia’s fingers to momentarily touch my cock and balls.

At this point Julia said to Jeffery that she could now do with some help. My movement on the table was entirely common and very often the client would stretch out to touch her and try to encourage more intimate touch.

Julia’s question was about how to keep things on track.

attentionJeffery moved over to Julia’s side of the table and pushed down on my butt, pressing me to the table more firmly than Julia had done. When he released his pressure I found myself rising again from the table. Jeffery invited Julia to copy his move and this time I felt Julia push into my butt cheeks more firmly, returning me to more complete contact with the table. Of course I remained erect and aroused.

Jeffery said to Julia that the intent was always to find the balance between keeping the client comfortable and happy and keeping within the rules. He said the technique he uses at this point is to concentrate on each thigh, massaging the entire thigh in a hugging movement. To demonstrate he slipped his arm underneath my thigh and carefully pulled my leg into a position away from the table. The effect was to lift my hips and genital area from the table as he encircled my thigh with his arms.

As he used the pressure of his grip to knead my thigh he moved his arm grip so that his upper arm was closely pushed against my genitals and between my legs. So I experienced contact to my cock entirely in the context of the massage movement. Jeffery held this position for some time allowing me to enjoy the sensation of pushing my cock against his arm. He could feel my energy was getting close to ejaculation and released my leg, returning it to the table.

He asked Julia if she’d been able to observe and that the client – me –  had been able to make sensual and intimate contact with the therapist as part of a legitimate massage technique. He said that on occasion the move proved too powerful for the client to resist ejaculation and that there had been many times when he withdrew with the clients release on his arm. The spa rules had no problem with this ‘accidental’ client release.

He suggested to Julia to use my other thigh to practice. She moved to the other side of the table and copied Jeffery’s moves. Her grip and touch were different from Jeffery’s but just as arousing. I think the difference in their height made a difference. Julia used more of her upper body in encircling and gripping my thigh. She was quite accurate in gauging when I was getting close to releasing and returned my leg to the table before I was tipped over the edge.

The massage continued with a combination of muscle and Swedish massage touch as she moved down my legs and toward my feet. The massage to my feet was as stimulating as any of the attention I’d received so far and by now it seemed that all touch had the effect of maintaining my arousal for the longest time.

The time came to turn over. Jeffery said to Julia that in these situations it was most common for the client to be aroused and he joked that I would certainly not be an exception. He said that as a male practitioner male clients were often concerned that their erection and energy would be an ambiguous indication of their sexual orientation. His rule was always to allow any male client to feel entirely comfortable about revealing their erection to another male. It was enough that throughout the massage they had enjoyed the genital contact which, by using the thigh grip technique allowed the client to create and develop the level of contact comfort that they preferred. Some clients were not experiencing the massage sensually. That was entirely good. At this time we were concentrating on the majority who did seek to enjoy the most complete touch that the rules might allow.

Julia said that also her male clients usually were hard when they turned over and that she felt that the erections were really related to responses to the touch and spa context rather than sexual orientation. She said that now that she had the thigh grip in her repertoire she would know more about the comfort levels of the client before turning them over.

I was still face down on the table during this conversation. I was in another world. I’d completely forgotten that I was actually in my own apartment. Looking back on this visit, the power of this physical and sensual energy seems so perfect. I felt so fortunate to meet Stephen, who shared so many of my interests and thoughts, in such a convenient and fun way. I couldn’t have wished for a better neighbour.

So I turned over at Julia’s direction. Of course, in the process I suddenly reverted to my self conscious self. It’s so crazy because we’d all become very comfortable and I had spent the past hour being touched and massaged in the most intimate ways. As has happened on many occasions Stephen seemed to anticipate or notice my concern. As I turned my erection was very active and instinctively I moved my hand to cover myself. Quite absurd. Stephen joked to Jeffery and Julia that I would be a model client of propriety if I was at their spa. Julia responded that she loved seeing this – it showed that she was doing her job.

I looked around, enjoying being reminded that we were all naked and having fun, combined with some useful intent. I took a deep breath again and allowed my arousal to be free and settled on my back on the table. Julia propped my head with a pillow and I prepared for what I imagined would be the more complicated part of interpreting the spa rules.

The final massage description will follow.








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