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Once started on a Tantric path it soon becomes clear that it’s a journey for life.

Initially, through touch and massage, new possibilities for sensual experience become apparent and it is the exploration of these possibilities that bring people to repeated massage experiences and to the broader world of Tantra.

It is often asked what possibilities there are to move more deeply into Tantric practice. Often people have read about Tantric retreats, massage exchange events, Tantric bodywork courses etc.

All of these possibilities exist and are often very productive but they are also often very expensive, difficult to get to or infrequently scheduled.

Because of this I’ve enjoyed being part of Tantric discovery sessions so that the energy raised in massage can be enjoyed for increasingly longer periods.

In Tantric discovery it is possible to sensitize the mind and body to experience more fully and regularly the erotic energy that we often deny ourselves. That is why I allow massage time to follow a natural flow, without focus on the clock, and encourage the enjoyment of heightened awareness that Tantric massage brings.

It is often this new sense of awareness that prompts people to ask about retreats and where to go next on the Tantric path.

It is now possible to schedule to enjoy more than simply Tantric massage.

Tantra, in part, is about conscious relaxation of the mind and body. Ideally, that full enjoyment and experience comes from a ‘total immersion’ environment. That is the nature of a true Tantric retreat – 24/7 immersion to refocus the mind and progress sensual consciousness.

The winding down process and physical and mental adjustment is best experienced when there is the opportunity to remain in a Tantric environment for an extended time. Such experiences and retreats often range from 24 hours to 3 days, and, depending on the stage of Tantric progress, are intense, unforgettable and deeply enjoyable.

The uninterrupted time and space allows for many aspects of Tantric ritual and experience as well as Tantric massage. The time opens possibilities both on an individual and solo basis and for couples of any gender. Tantra always introduces a new way of looking at and experiencing the world and the unique focus that extended Tantric practice brings provides an incredible opportunity to discover what any individual is truly thinking and feeling. It’s a lasting and enlightening experience.

Retreat time is always uniquely personal. Time and energy are allowed to flow naturally. The experience is designed to encourage recognizing energies as they are revealed, and instead of hiding or burying thoughts or desires, to become conscious and enjoy natural energies in an open and positive way.

So, I encourage any readers or massage visitors to consider taking some time out of any busy schedule and dedicate a day or two to some enhanced Tantric experience.

Just email, or call and we can talk more about what to expect.


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