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The Tantric Tongue

The Tantric Tongue

A Tantric energy that often lies dormant and unexplored is the energy of the tongue.

In Tantra we seek to explore and heighten our experience of every sense and every part of our being. Yet somehow the potential of the tongue is often undervalued. So here are a few thoughts to whet your appetite.

We know that Tantric massage allows us to submit to and enjoy the energy of touch via hands, feet and body contact. Tantra also invites the Tantric touch sensation via the tongue. The experience to both a giver and receiver of the tip of the tongue lightly touching the skin is a unique path to mindful massage.

Now, here we are not especially considering the possibilities of conventional oral sexual activity. We’re looking deeper into the erotic and tantric possibilities of including Tantric touch via the tongue.

Around the world there are many cities that feature restaurants that provide the opportunity to eat from the naked body. Often sushi and desserts are presented not on a plate but on a nude body – much more fun than a silver platter – to be removed with chopsticks or similar devices.

The idea has also been incorporated into erotic events and performance art shows.

Tantric practice takes the concept further. Tantra seeks to fulfill the energy potential of each of five senses and that includes our sense of taste. Stimulation of the erotic potential of taste can be progressed and heightened with the placement of food on the naked body and thereafter eating from this ‘plate’. If the food is carefully placed it will be necessary to use the tongue and mouth very delicately in order to properly enjoy the feast – and of course there is no cutlery! Control is entirely with the tongue.

When incorporated into a Tantric experience a further energy dimension is opened. The experience has the added benefit for the Tantric explorer of heightening awareness both as an active and passive participant.

To eat in this way from another’s body is itself a highly charged and erotic experience. It not only excites the taste buds. When the tongue touches the body and transfers energy it also allows the careful and unusual consideration of the detail of the features, places and spaces of the body that we often hide. Carefully using the tongue to move and consume food around erogenous zones is a skill in itself. Similarly in the choice and placement of the food.

To experience being the ‘plate’ is the equally stimulating counter to being the ‘eater’. As food is removed and the body touched by the tongue in the process, a pleasurable heightened physical awareness is inevitable.

In preparation for any of these Tantric experiences the body is carefully washed, the choice of food and drink having been made beforehand. The body is often spread with an edible base – possibly butter or cream – to help fix some food in place and to allow the tongue to wander and experience the energy of taste.

Tantra is about building energy, heightening awareness and mindfully enjoying physical sensation in ways that relax both mentally and physically. This use of our sense of taste rewards these Tantric objectives in particularly unique ways.

The experience also reveals, often, new dimensions to the body ‘seen & understood’ only through our sense of taste and the oft underestimated tongue.

This brief description speaks to those some way along the Tantric path and I am always more than happy to expand further on the topic for those intrigued or interested. Just call or email.


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