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The post that follows this is an extract from an email that a young Tantric visitor sent to me about his experience with Tantric massage.

He asked it be posted with a password so if you’d like to read it just email or call for the p/w and I’ll be pleased to send it. (I’ve recently removed the password, with his permission)

He lives with his female partner and a gay male roommate. They all get on well, according to his description, and he asks some questions about the best future approaches to what they have found out about themselves and each other.

Reading his descriptions clearly suggest that he is fortunate to have found this living arrangement. It’s very likely that his interest in Tantra, massage and holistic bodywork have enabled his comfort level with sensual and sexual environments.

I plan to make a more detailed response to some of his questions and descriptions.

He identifies himself as a bisexual male in his 20’s, happily partnered with a girlfriend who accepts his sexual preferences. They share a rented house with a male in his 30’s who has recently ended a relationship with his gay partner.

The email talked about the adjustment in establishing living arrangements and allowing themselves to find ways to feel comfortable and relaxed in their own home environment.

They are all people of open minds, familiar with the potentials of their sensual and sexual lives. My friend, who has visited for massage and Tantric ritual instruction, a few times, has found himself with the opportunity to act on the possibilities of Tantric practice. Happily, while the result could have become overwhelming, he’s been received with enthusiasm, but looks to be sure that he continues in the most productive direction.

I do have some thoughts about his experience and will post them soon, but if any readers have any thoughts of their own/advice for him, please email me privately and I’ll make sure he receives the comments.


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