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Contact Colin – 250-984-7051

TouchIn a quiet, warm room, your massage is enhanced with a full body, hot towel table bath, warm oil, shower and complete relaxation.

Shower and all facilities are available and sessions are untimed – stay as long as your schedule allows. Massage is always slow and relaxing. Simply an exchange and flow of positive energy.

This is a space to safely explore imagination.  All orientations, adult ages and genders are welcome.

Location and parking is easy and safe.

Within this blog are more detailed descriptions of the possibilities of Tantric Massage. Many postings – but not all  –  require a password to read, so do scroll to the end. Simply email the title to and I’ll send the password. Your curiosity is welcome.

Contact Colin at: 250-984-7051 or email:

Julia’s Conversations – Happy Ending

Julia’s Conversations

After posting the description of the massage session ‘Happy Ending’ I immediately heard from Julia who sent me her updated information.

She asked whether I would include some of it here. She’s active with a conversation service which seems such a good outlet and idea.

If you wish to be in contact with her just use her email as she describes.

Feel welcome to check with me if you have any questions.




I’m Julia. I’m the Spa therapist in the ‘Happy Ending’ posting in this blog about massage.

That visit happened awhile ago before I moved on from the Hotel Spa, although I still hang out with Stephen and friends.

I’m working independently as a therapist now and Colin, of this blog, said that he would post this ‘Advert’ for me.

I really enjoy my work and also talking to my clients and sharing their experiences and desires.

This year I started a service to exchange emails and have written conversations in real time, with them.

It’s a chance for a person to speak their thoughts and experiences safely and anonymously and get some empathy, support and feedback from somebody who has experience of the personal and erotic side of life. The ‘Happy Ending’ description on this blog will begin to tell about me so you’ll understand, already, something about me.

If you’d like to learn more about having conversations with me just email me:

I’ll reply with more details and answers to any questions you have.

Your Spa friend,





Safe Space

Safe Space

The search for safe and intimate comfort can be challenging.

The possibilities and choices to find such comfort can seem to be frustratingly limited.

The occasional enjoyment of bodywork and massage is satisfying but often all too brief.

As acceptance grows that, as individuals, our sexual and sensual identities are broad and legitimate, so, also, do the opportunities to enjoy and actualize seem frustratingly narrow.

While the virtual world of internet and keyboard driven images can help in beginning to focus preferences, it’s not an environment that makes it easy to discretely  and safely enjoy one’s newly discovered ‘self’ in the physical world.

The virtual world simply does not reciprocate the energy pounded into the keyboard.

This year, more than ever, opportunities have emerged that have allowed visitors, here, to take the time, safely and openly, to explore and enjoy aspects of their sensuality that are, all too often, difficult to express in less open contexts.

The chance to laze and gaze in a shared and non-judgmental environment, where no clock is ticking, is difficult to discover.

While it shouldn’t be so difficult to find comfortable space to share thoughts and preferences, when sensual self discovery is the goal the choices can be very limited.

I’ve heard this frequently over the past couple of years from wonderful visitors who have returned to share and spend extended overnight visits.

Such visits have provided a chance to temporarily exclude the outside world and often to actualize thoughts and newly discovered preferences – to build confidence and bring new peace of mind.

While this will always be a place of timeless massage it can also be a place of endless sensuality, self expression, company and comfort.

Beats any impersonal hotel, airbnb or website.

Just email or call to enjoy.


Tel:    250-984-7051







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