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Sticky Labels, Fantasy & Happy Places

MassageOilOne of the most common barriers in seeking peace of mind is the construction of a fence of labels in the mind.

These labels are often simply flimsy figments of  imagination, ready to be blown away with a puff of positive energy.

Often, potential peace of mind is denied by imagining and internalizing a self identity – a label that seems to fit in a personal universe.

But are the labels really useful and a best fit? If there are too many mismatches it can be uncomfortable to exist in the world. Since it’s more difficult to change the world than it is to change a few psychic assumptions, Tantric practice works on taking  thoughts to more productive and happier places – and so to greater peace of mind.

Tantra deals with personal energy and life forces. Conscious energy and involuntary energy.

The strongest of these energies is sexual energy and the labeling of sexual preferences, fantasies and thoughts often creates much confusion.

Thoughts and fantasies can change, recur, renew etc., as time passes. Self images are created as a fit with what exists in any personal daily universe. The image is purposefully self created  but does not always mesh with other involuntary thoughts and fantasies.

What to do? The excluded thoughts and images just don’t go away. It’s not that those thoughts and fantasies are dangerous, unlawful or harmful to self or others. It’s just that they don’t match the self image. So, quite often the thoughts and energies are buried in the back of the mind. But they don’t cease to exist.

Such burials can be a waste of energy and can distract from a peaceful and productive existence.

Tantric practice and massage can help to resurrect and  find a useful place for such buried energy. It can find a map to hidden treasures – the acceptance of self, and greater peace of mind.

Tantric practice is about the conscious and enjoyable control of the energies that inevitably play in the mind and body. Always the most powerful and fascinating of those energies is sexual energy. It is disabling to deny that fact and enabling to control and enjoy it.

The suppression and pigeonholing of thoughts can be paralyzing. Tantric practice offers the chance to safely explore thoughts and fantasies and to include them in real life. To make them fit with self image.

To erase some of the useless labels. To learn to enjoy some fantasies and find some happy places.


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Tantra, Fetish & Kink

Tantric Fetish & Kink

Tantric massage is a way of connecting the body to the mind.

With the pace of life today often we find that we seem to have blocked consciousness of the pleasure of physical sensations. We can lose touch with ourselves as erotic beings.

Tantric massage and touch can re-awaken erotic consciousness and Tantra is entirely about heightening erotic physical and mental awareness.

Within the Tantric experience, massage perhaps has the broadest appeal, but the opportunity also exists to delve deeper into Tantric sensation potentials.

As the mind begins to make more space for sensual, erotic and sexual stimulation, and as mental and physical awareness is heightened, the imagination of the erotic begins to challenge the physical body. We start to think about making fantasy a reality.

In Tantra it is possible to raise the sensitivity and expand the erogenous zones of the body.

Over time the body and mind becomes more conscious of erotic potential and the imagination begins to expand horizons. More fantasy can enter the consciousness door thatTantra has opened, allowing room to actualize fantasies.

Actualization of erotic imagery is often described, sometimes quite dismissively, as ‘kinky’ or ‘fetish’. But imagination should not be dismissed so easily.

Kinks and fetishes are entirely Tantric and are as valuable and valid as any part of erotic imagination.

Often Tantric visitors are hesitant to mention particular ‘turn-ons’, thinking that their thoughts are outside of proper Tantric conduct. I can reassure that actualization of erotic imagery, however ‘kinky’ or ‘fetish, it might seem (with the obvious exceptions of activity that is not lawful, sane, safe or consensual) is welcomed in Tantra and is regarded as the positive product of sensual and erotic imagination.

In my time I have been fortunate enough to share the ‘kink’ experiences and preferences of many Tantric visitors. Often a partner is needed to assist with and provide the stimulation. A Tantric guide is the ideal partner. Not only does Tantra not ‘judge’ but actually encourages and seeks to enhance such sexual and sensual ideas and experiences.

In the next posting I’ve listed some of the activities and ideas that have been shared. I’ve been pleased to have been asked to help turn some fantasies into realities. The list is certainly incomplete and if you have thoughts and ideas that you’d like to try, just let me know.

To all who enjoy the world of Tantra and massage, if you also enjoy other erotic activities or have thought about actualizing fantasies but are hesitant to mention, feel more than welcome to imagine fitting your ‘kink’ into some Tantric time. It would be wonderful to share your erotic imagination.


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